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Tim announces that that for the 13th look, they will have a chance to sketch, receive $450 and take that good ol' trip to Moooood to purchase fabric. Consultations with the new helpers begin immediately. Althea wants to make a strong-shouldered jacket to set off all the knits she's done. Logan, in his twee scarf with his emotional haircut, suggests she not go with her idea to have the lining show, or something -- I can't figure it out, exactly, because we see a nanosecond of the sketch, and Logan mumbles like a teenager.

Over at her station, Irina is explaining to Gordana that all her pieces are done, just not DONE-done. Meaning they're not done at all, and Gordana is not stupid, so she knows this. "Irina definitely needs help," she interviews. "The best thing that I can do is give her the confidence she needs." No, G! The thing you can do is finish her ratty-ass, plagiarized work! Poor Gordana. You chose unwisely when making a buddy of Irina. Whatever the case, she is going to be supportive, obviously, and tells Irina that she would wear any one of her pieces. "Thanks!" Irina says, seemingly genuine. "You can have whatever you want!" Sweet.

Elsewhere, Carol Hannah is explaining to sweet Christopher the basis of her collection. He says that he is mainly there to bandy around ideas with her, not to give her ideas, and when she says that her 13th look will be another gown, he is on board. CH says that with her other pieces, she's been trying to do things that aren't so expected of her, but gowns are what she loves to do, so for this extra look, she feels compelled to do one.

Now it is off to "the original Mood," with Tim, who sends them on a rampage through the store. He overhears Gordana wondering if they need knitting or crochet needles. "You're gonna knit and crochet, Gordana?!" he asks. "Do you have time?" Gordana laughs: "of course!" She probably COULD do it, too. Irina looks half-dead at this point, so I am not sure she will be knitting anything. Elsewhere, Christopher is ferrying fabric back and forth for CH's approval. He is such a nice guy, and seems so willing to help. Althea's got what she needs, but is just worried about running out of money. Finally, it is time to leave. "Thank you Moooood," TG says for a final time, and adds a shout out to the resident bull terrier: "Thank you, Swatch!" Y'all. Like Rachel Zoe, I die. Swatch! I had to rewind it a million times.

Back in the workroom, Logan begins draping a pair of pants for Althea's look. "There's still a lot of work to do," he says. Irina says in an interview that Gordana's role, to her, is key. While Irina lamely irons or whatever, Gordana lolls around doing the grunt work, because that shit is so easy for her. Everybody works on their game plans, deciding what they can finish and what they have to do the next day for fittings or whatever. Everyone is aware of the massive amount of work they have left to do and their helpers all lend moral support in varying degrees.

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