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Carol Hannah's mom says that watching her go on this journey has been really interesting. Her own mother, she says, was a great seamstress. "I used to watch her," Carol Hannah says, "and then I would make little doll clothes and she would tell me how." She says that's how she learned construction, by making the tiny dresses. "Well," Tim says, lining biscuits in perfectly straight rows, "it's the same principle."

We delve further into CH's past. She says she was a really awkward kid with "long, monkey arms, braces and big, ugly glasses." The photos they show of her as a child bear this out, though frankly, she was as cute then as she is now. Kids in glasses = cute, no matter what. She adds that she gained a lot of confidence making things for herself and other people. "The thing I love about fashion is that it changes the way you see yourself, and the way that other people see you," she says. "And, I looove it." I think CH is pretty great, I have to say. I would be happy if she won, or if Althea won. I would also be happy if either or both of them had a makeup consultation with a trained professional, because both of them wear a ridiculous amount of it in inappropriate shades.

At dinner, Carol Hannah's dad sweetly says that she has always been very determined to go out and do the things she wants to do. "I love her," he says. CH has tears in her eyes. "Thanks, Daddy," she says and look, maybe I have tears in my eyes, too. What's wrong with me? I'm really asking.

She says that she's not a fashion school graduate (though I thought she went, at some point, right?), and that she's self-taught. "Sometimes, it's a little intimidating to think about the fact that everyone else has been formally trained," she says, but she thinks that because she's had to learn everything herself, she's learned a lot more in the process. She walks arm in arm with Tim Gunn out into the snow, striking a perfect Love Story pose. "Love you!" he says, kissing both of her cheeks. "Love you, too!" she says, and I seethe with a jealous rage. Tim Gunn! I LOVE YOU.

Next, it's off to Irina's tiny closet of an apartment in Manhattan to see her collection. I am sure you get used to it, but tell me, New Yorkers, how do you live like this? My smallest apartment ever was 700 square feet when I lived in Dallas, and I felt like I could cook from the bathtub. Comparing it, however, to Irina's place, it was a palatial estate. Not only does she live there, she resides with a tiny, yippy dog named Princess. Siiiiiigh. I can't hate on a dog, even a yippy one, but... Princess? Tim finds her cute, or pretends to, even though she yips at him.

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