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She takes Tim through the snowy landscape to her family's house. "This is adorable!" Tim says of the home, and is greeted by Althea's family, a big group of her friends and her cute boyfriend. A montage of photos of Althea reveals that she was a gorgeous child. She says that she wanted to be an artist when she was younger, and that her drawing evolved into fashion drawing. Her mother remembers when Althea was in fifth grade and said that she wanted a sewing machine. Her sweet dad says that they all understood that her future was in New York. Althea says that the fact that she's going to Bryant Park to show her work makes her future seem limitless. I just like Althea, y'all. She's young and her insecurities are sometimes worn on her sleeve, which is frustrating, but I like her. It is a close race for me between her and ol' CH, who I also love.

Back in New York, Tim has to make a difficult phone call. Apparently, the images Irina was using on her Coney Island tees are copyrighted. She's obviously devastated. "I don't want this to adversely impact your incredible collection in any way," he says. "I want you to use it, but with images that are your own." She's only got ten days to come up with something else, and she's exhausted. Seriously, she looks totally sleep-deprived and miserable, and it's heartbreaking to imagine having to start over on something like that. She groans that maybe she'll hand-paint a new Ferris wheel image, or come up with something completely different. Ugh. She's not my fave, but still, that sucks.

With five days remaining before the show, the ladies begin arriving in New York. Let me ask y'all something... is the finale this boring every season? Not that their lives are boring, or anything, but dudes. Is it just me or are they saying the same stuff over and over again? "I'm nervous. It's challenging. This is important to me." Yeah, uh, we got it the first 100 times you said it, everybody. "I'm very confident, but at the same time, very nervous," Irina says. Again. She adds that doing Fashion Week is great, but at the same time, the point of the competition is to win it. I suppose she has a point, though being grateful for this ridiculous opportunity might occur to your average human at some point.

When Irina arrives at the hotel suite the three of them will share, Althea is already ensconced. "I didn't even hear you come in," Althea says, giddy. Yes, well, demons move quietly. That is how they get you. "This is so cuuuute," Althea says of Irina's coat, in that "I haaate yoooou" way that only young women can give a compliment. There is weird tension which Althea can only smile and nod through, and without Carol Hannah being there yet, they can only fake nice with each other. Althea says in an interview that she doesn't trust Irina as far as she can throw her, and she feels like Irina could snap back to her betraying persona at any time. She is quite right.

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