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Irina also says in an interview that she distanced herself from Althea after they left LA, which, um... yes, it's not "distancing yourself" when you crap all over someone on television. When you don't hear from someone after that, they are "distancing" themselves from YOU. Because you are a rat. She goes on to add that, you know, working closely in the workroom with all those people for those weeks was hard, but that, in the end, she still "sort of" liked everybody. Whatever.

The tension of each other's company is not helped by the absence of Carol Hannah, who was supposed to be there hours ago. Finally, Tim arrives with some disturbing news. Carol Hannah is very sick. "Oh, nooo," Irina and Althea say in flat unison. Ha! Maybe they are sympathetic, a little, but you know... not really. Anyway, CH has a stomach virus and cannot be there that day. "It's contagious," Tim says, dramatically, and adds that they want her to "heal and repair" before she comes to the workroom. "It would have to be like, death, that would keep me from being here right now," Althea interviews. "So, I can only imagine how bad it is." Setting this news aside, they read a little note from Heidi welcoming them to Fashion Week and share a toast of champagne, sparing a small raise of the glass for their fallen comrade, Carol Hannah, as well. That is short lived, naturally. When Tim is gone, Irina says, WHILE LAUGHING, that she "honestly" feels sorry for Carol Hannah. Althea is a little more honest in an interview, mentioning that though this is bad for CH, it's good for the two of them left in the contest. "What if it's only two people?" she asks Irina. "We'll either become best friends or the worst enemies," Irina laughs, again. Um, I believe you are well on your way to the latter, right? So let's not be ridiculous.

A new day dawn and it is time for their first trip to the workroom. Althea is pleased that it is painted a calming blue. They see Carol Hannah's collection there, but not her, and are just about to get nervous in the silence between them when she shows up. "When I walked in, there was a little bit of 'oh, she made it,'" CH interviews. Hey, producers? I see what you're doing, here. Next, on Lifetime, Girls Are Bitches. Ugh. Carol Hannah tells them how she was barfing all day and night the previous day, and suggests they not try to hug her. It does not appear that they were jumping up to do so. Irina says in an interview that she does feel for CH. "If you don't have your health, you have nothing," she says, in all seriousness, sounding about as Old World as you can get. Thank you, village witchdoctor, for your healing wisdom.

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