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Thank God Tim Gunn arrives to make it interesting again. He reminds them, as if they could forget, that they are now but a block from Bryant Park, and begins a tour of their collections. "You've done a lot of work," he says to Althea, but he does not like a sequined jacket she's made and suggests she take it out. She agrees with him, which is sort of a shame, because... well, I love a sequin. Althea is questioning herself, and experiencing it's really too bad. Tim has some good advice about whether or not her pieces are all for the same customer, but it really seems to throw her in a self-doubt loop. It's hard not to, when he suggests that one look is "downright Hilary Clinton." Aw, come on. When he points out all the good knitting she's done, the camera cuts to Irina, looking smug like she invented knitting and like somehow Althea used her psychic powers to divine that Irina had the totally groundbreaking idea to have a sweater in her collection and copied her. When Tim walks away she "jokingly" accuses her of doing that, and I am sure it takes all of Althea's inner strength not to go for her with a pair of scissors. "The last thing I want to do is copy from her," she says in an interview. "Shut up."

I am thankful that Tim now shifts the focus to the still-green Carol Hannah. He asks how she's doing, wondering if she's feeling okay: "Comme çi, comme ça?" Hilaaaariously, she says no, she's just so-so. His tour of her collection leads her to discard one jacket that she already hated, choose to keep a dress that is rather plain, but necessary, and rethink another to, as Tim suggests, give it some youth. There appears to be A LOT of satin going on in her collection. A lot. Nine THOUSAND dollars, people! You could have spun clothes from gold thread for that! Perhaps I exaggerate... and then again I have not seen the full collections, yet, so maybe all will be revealed when some kind of titanium, Japanese-import mother of pearl ensemble rolls down the runway.

Time now to turn to Irina, who "can't begin to tell you how much heartache I gave myself over this collection." She says that in lieu of the copyright-infringed tees she had originally included, she came up with another idea -- to put phrases on the t-shirts, using the same burnout technique, listing reasons to love New York. People, prepare yourselves to rise up in righteous indignation. This chick, so fond of accusing people of "copying" her, has now ripped off not one, but two sources of copyrighted material! Allow the fabulous Project Rungay to break down the whole controversy. (Link contains one mild spoiler.) In brief, when she was told she could not use one copyrighted image, she then appears to have Googled "reasons to love New York," and... just lifted her whole thing straight from this article titled -- wait for it -- Reasons. To Love. New York. Wow, it's embarrassing. And RIDICULOUS. Girl, I don't care how tired you are... you couldn't come up with your own reasons to love NEW YORK? The mind veritably REELS. Here's the thing: I don't like her, but I hope and pray that this scene was edited to make it LOOK like she is trying to pull a fast one, and that actually she turned to Tim and said "yeah, I used this stuff from NY Mag and here it is," and he said "that's fine." I don't know how it could be fine, but still, that's what I hope, because... wow. Anything other than that would take balls the size of the Republic of Georgia, and I hate to think of anyone being so crazy that they would try to get away with it!

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