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Aside from all that, Tim's main problem is that her entire collection is black. Like her heart! Carol Hannah says in an interview (in a Muppet voice) that Irina's collection "is alotta black." It is. Where it's not black, it's gray. Y'all, Irina may be falling apart just a tad. She's tried to create a "new" leather pant (ugh, "pant" in the singular makes me gag), and Tim is doing that scary thing where you can tell he really hates something because he goes into a very mild, subdued, panic. It's subtle, but I know y'all can see it when he says, "I don't know, I'd just need to see them on." He's afraid, he says, that they look like chaps. Dang! Irina is looking really tired when she leads him over to a heap of fabric on the floor to show him her finale dress, which even she admits is currently a mess. It's, shocker, also black and though we can't really see it, Tim says the sequined top is too precious, and the bottom is too modern. Hmm. Black dress with sequins... didn't Carol Hannah do that in the Bob Mackie challenge? Yes. Copycat, much, Irina?

Althea is stealing glances over her shoulder at all of this, and says in an interview that while there are pieces of her stuff that need work, nothing needs as much as Irina's dress. "There's pins everywhere," she says. "And there's probably about twenty yards of hemming. Does she want to get to that, soon? I don't know." Hee. Now who's being smug? Meanwhile, Irina is trying to explain to Tim that she got sort of insane with wrapping and braiding fabric on the dress, and the whole thing makes him put his head in his hands and say, in all seriousness, "Good God, you have a lot of work to do." Y'all, if Tim Gunn said that to me, in that tone, I would jump off a bridge. Before leaving, he reminds them that they have a lot of work to do on their stuff as well as model castings, fittings and hair and makeup consultations.

The time has come for model casting, which would have been interesting to watch in detail, but we only see a little of it. "What kind of models are you looking for?" Carol Hannah asks. Irina: "The pretty kind?" Ha! Althea says she's looking for certain body types for certain looks, and they head off to meet the casting director. After a parade of skinny chicks, they make their final selections. The best is when Carol Hannah asks one girl where she's from. "I'm from Norway," the girl says. CH: "I want her." Beautiful.

Back in the workroom, much work is happening when they are surprised by a visit from none other than the Vicious Twins, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Everyone is mortified, but as Irina says, advice from these two is always valuable. She's glad, she says, to get a chance to talk to them when they're not grilling them on the runway. In other news, I wish Irina didn't pronounce a hard G on the end of every -ing word. Everything sounds like: "when they're not grilleen gus on the runway." I am sure this is a product of both her parents' accented speech and perhaps the area of NY she's from? I have no room to talk, of course, having the most ridiculous accent of all time, myself, but still. It bugs.

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