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A Fashionable Slide Down the Metaphorical Shower Wall

As they are dining outside, Tim addresses the irony of Nora, Andy's mom, raising Andy in such a nature-intensive environment and him becoming a fashion designer. She merely says that she supported Andy in whatever he wanted to do. Andy interviews emotionally that immigrant families dream of better lives for their children and he's anxious about the possibility of not achieving that for his mom's sake. As we watch him open a coconut with a giant knife and pour water for everyone (which is not just a little impressive), he says that coming back to the farm is good for him because it reminds him of all of the sacrifices that have taken place for his benefit.

He's worried about the critique with Tim today, because he is only in the beginning stages of his collection. That said, he only has two weeks remaining. Tim enters his work studio and marvels at its size. He shows Tim his inspiration wall, which includes pictures of sculptures in Laos and his grandfather standing on an elephant (he was an elephant herder). He has always wanted to create a collection inspired by Laos and is even using hand-woven textiles from Laos. In fact, those fabrics are the reason his collection isn't further along -- he has been waiting for them to arrive.

Meanwhile, he has been obsessing over headpieces and accessories and Tim tells him to forget about them and get to work on the clothes! Looking at Andy's sketches, Tim says that each individual piece is swoon-worthy, but, all together, it could be a "hot mess." Tim just said that. Andy is realizing that he has to create 10 looks in two weeks. As horrible as that sounds, aren't you glad to know that there are talented procrastinators out there? Fine, textiles and mail and all that. Still, I'd like to think that there's someone else out there that can waste time even in the face of the most important moment of their lives.

In Palm Springs, Tim is being directed by a friendly-sounding GPS past windmills to Other Michael's place. I'd like to say now that erstwhile TWoP goddess Pamie and I were there in April under wound-cleaning circumstances and it was freaking amazing. And, it looked nothing like Other Michael. We see OM chatting about shoes with Richard, his PARTNER. Why do I find that so surprising? Well, there's the kid for one thing, but I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. It's crazy, because they look perfect for each other. Cubs.

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