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A Fashionable Slide Down the Metaphorical Shower Wall

Michael is excited to have Tim Gunn visit him. He introduces him to Richard. They go into Other Michael's workroom and Tim mentions that an incredible amount of work has been completed. Note that he doesn't say that the work is incredible. Other Michael says that he took inspiration from the sky. Tim wants to know what inspired his silhouette. He answers "feathers." Gosh, this all sounds kind of 2004. Yes? Feathers? Whatever, I don't mean to be knee-jerk. He says that he's intrigued by the movement of feathers. He shows a dress that has a skirt of... feathers. If I see a dress with a picture of the sky on it, I don't know. He shows Tim some other stuff that looks like has a fairly high degree of difficulty involved. Other Michael interviews that, though he has to make 12 looks for the runway, he wants to make 150. And that, I think, is where his strength lies. He's sort of a process of elimination guy. Design so many things that one of them has to be right. Tim looks at all of the clothing in the room (he has, to date, created 18 looks) and says that this is like "design diarrhea." Other Michael laughs like the good sport he is. Tim tells him that it's time to stop designing and start editing. OK, this doesn't look good. When Tim is at these consultations, it's not a good sign when he's less spectator and more daddy. OM interviews that Tim is probably right about the poop problem, but committing is hard for him.

Now, Tim is meeting his "Tim's coming to my house" gatherers and I've hardly been as excited for anything all season. It's always such a hodgepodge of family and friends and this is gonna be good. Here are Frank and Art, OM's friends. Altogether, they resemble an overgrown boy band. "Bear UR Heart" was their single. Somebody stop me. Here's Giovanni, Other Michael's unimpressed child. He really doesn't want to shake Tim's hand. Tim asks who is going to New York for Fashion Week and Richard raises his hand, though suddenly it looks like they're eating in the home of the seven dwarves because those three dudes are crammed together at that bar and poor Richard tears his ACL negotiating his arm into the air. Giovanni is staying with Other Michael's mother while they are in NYC. Then, Richard says that he doesn't think that Other Michael's parents should be at Fashion Week. Ahem. OK, Rodinay from The A-List, don't go spreading Reichen's dirty laundry all about. Anyway, Richard says that his parents have only been supportive since he's been on the show. For the four years prior, they were telling him that he needed to give up his dream and wasn't talented. Other Michael counters that they have always wanted the best for him, but inside of their rules and regulations. For instance, they wouldn't help him unless he was married to a woman.

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