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A Fashionable Slide Down the Metaphorical Shower Wall

Mondo can TASTE Fashion Week, it's so close. Not surprisingly, it tastes a lot like water. Actually surprising? It smells like asparagus pee and ketosis. Not a healthy place, this Fashion Week. Later, Tim has dinner with Mondo's family, including his boyfriend Ben who is completely adorbs. Tanisha, Mondo's sister, gets choked up when she talks about how excited she is for her brother. Tim asks Gerri, Mondo's mom, what is was like having such an untraditional child. She says, to laughter from the others, that she tried everything to get him to be... Mondo helps her finish -- more like a macho guy. This reminds me of my mother telling me that I couldn't take tap classes because they would stunt my growth with all of the pounding into the ground. She actually pointed to how short Fred Astaire was. I'm 6'2". She is so wise. Tom says that he would have liked for Mondo to play sports, but to each his own. Sometimes, you can tell when people have to go a long way to get to that point, but he actually seems like he means it. Bless her, but I bet Gerri was the problem.

Tim says that Mondo is a kindred spirit and he was always chosen last for sports in childhood. Mondo remembers that his parents wouldn't let him take piano unless he played baseball. Tim calls this extortion. Mondo remembers that he was a terrible shortstop but very good at piano. We see him tickle the keys for Tim as he says that, though his Mexican culture didn't exactly encourage him, he is glad to be who he is.

On to Portland, to see Gretchen. I have to say, I'm feeling a little conciliatory or something towards Gretchen. Fine, she's a little unbearable when she's on top, but she's a fighter. If she hadn't done so well in the beginning of the season, I'm not sure we'd have been so outraged at her insolence on the runway when she was being criticized. I don't know, I guess I just find her a little intriguing, warts and all. Inside Gretchen's house, she's with her mom and they're packing. Gretchen thanks her for helping and she says that she can't believe that "we" or Gretchen has to be creative and move at the same time. That SUCKS. Gretchen interviews that she came home to a failed relationship, an empty bank account and an empty house. Oh God, that's so awful. Come on now. All of you people out there who hate Gretchen (I'm talking to you, Angel), I know we all started at the same place with her but you are made of ICE if this doesn't win her at least a couple of points. [Fine... she is slightly more tolerable now. -- Angel] Gretchen's mother picks the perfect time to quote Danielle Steele and says, "It was the best of times and the worst of times." Gretchen says that she is broke and busted and has put everything she has into this collection. That is worthy of Tyler Perry, that last sentence of hers.

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