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When Tim arrives, he sees a blackboard at her front door that reads "Welcome Tim" which he finds very sweet. Gretchen says that she's a little embarrassed to have Tim visit her under her current circumstances and I think that sort of summarizes why I've begun to warm to her. The impression that she gave before was that she was above it all, but someone doesn't talk about being embarrassed or broken if they don't have a little humility. Fine, Gretchen lacks a little self-awareness when it comes to how she is perceived, but she's not a snob. She's a hard-working Type-A bitch and she really wants this. Anyway, Gretchen adds that she is really proud of what she has created and is excited to show it to Tim.

Standing in her kitchen, Gretchen tells Tim that everything crumbled around her while she was in NYC. Tim relays a story about an intense relationship that ended abruptly for him that was the impetus for him to move to NYC. God, y'all, Tim Gunn is just good people. Gretchen agrees. She says that you are not going to win big unless you risk big. I'm to take it that this man left her because she went to New York? If that's the case, seriously, fuck him. You're better without him. And, let's not get me started. Gretchen says that she has really missed Tim and is glad to share this moment with him.

She tells Tim that she is working with Native American and international influences. She is trying to make a sophisticated version of those influences. She also says that she's taking risks by using leather and knits in spring. Tim picks up a small knit short and asks her if she knows what he's going to say. "Diaper?" Bingo. She laughs but says he's only feeling that way because it's made with natural fibers. Tim tells her that it's a bit costume-y. He has kind words as well though. He thinks it's going to surprise people, which is what she wants.

They have lunch outside with Gretchen's mother, where he asks her where Gretchen's creativity came from. She says that she's not sure, but she remembers that when Gretchen was a little girl she would refuse to go to nursery school if her tights weren't just so. Tim reaches over and tells Gretchen that she is a control freak. She smiles and says that part of this experience was recognizing that. She interviews that this experience humbled her in ways that your friends won't usually tell you. We see another shot of Gretchen's packed up house as we're leaving. That really is sad for her. I hope that she's OK.

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