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A Fashionable Slide Down the Metaphorical Shower Wall

He starts like super crying when he goes backstage and mumbles and punches the wall and kind of cries into it Gretchen gives him a hug and tells him that it's OK. He cries that he doesn't know what he will tell his mother and father. Jesus, Michael, you've done A LOT. Fuck them. They suck. Really? It's Fashion Week or marriage to a woman. He's like sobbing and it's totally the craziest. Tim comes in and tries to cheer him up. Gretchen interviews that she's worried for him because of the way he's reacting -- she doesn't think that he's going to get support. He pulls out of it enough to wish luck to the other designers. Tim tells him that he's incredibly talented. Mondo says that Michael is just beginning. The designers give him sincere lovely hugs goodbye. He interviews that he found himself. "Effortless chic. That's me." Gosh, I was embarrassed for him before, but I think this is really touching. What an exit!

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