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Korto's stuff is up next. I could write a book. Seriously, there's like a book of stuff going on here. I don't even know where to begin. It's gold. It's floor length. There are straps of ruffles. It's a fitted bodice and waist and ass, then it flares into a full skirt. It doesn't fit the model well. It seems huge. The bridesmaid dress is of an almost identical color. It's a halter dress with a short a-line skirt. There's a little band of yellow at the waist that's pretty cute. I like this better than her wedding dress. There's horizontal pleating along the halter section. I find it pretty.

Finally, we have Leanne's dress. The only white dress. It's beautiful. It's strapless, with a fitted bodice. There are two layers to the skirt section, both are created with Leanne's signature waves. The top skirt creates almost a bustle effect and it's gorgeous. There are apparently pockets, as Tia seems to have her hands in them. She looks magnificent in the dress too. Leanne says that she's very glad she made the changes to the dress that she did. Her bridesmaid dress is a short blue strapless number. The bodice has several of the waves that are in the skirt of the wedding dress. The skirt is flowing and has a little bit of the Kenley bubble effect. Could someone be borrowing?

With the show over, all of the designers are onstage. The models return. Michael says that Leanne's dress is chic, well-crafted, and he knew it was hers. People keep saying that about her -- that's got to be some of the highest praise that you can get. Nina thinks that her fabric choice is very interesting. It's dreamy and it's her. She also loves the bridesmaid dress. Heidi asks her how these dresses fit into her collection and she explains her wave inspiration. The colors are also reflected her collection. Heidi thinks she did a fantastic job.

Michael says that he likes Jerell's wedding gown from the waist down. He doesn't like the "wings over her boobs." Um, that would be the part Tim warned against. He thinks all of the jewels and the orchids are garish. Heidi thinks it looks messy. She and Michael think the bridesmaid dress looks old. Nina thinks that the gray tulle in the wedding gown looks dirty -- she thinks he didn't put a lot of thought in it. Heidi asks him why he should go to Fashion Week and he just says that he thinks that they'll be pleased. Not a hard sell, Jerell.

Michael tells Kenley that her dress looks "a little Alexander McQueen." Seriously, I'm not just cribbing off of Kors' critique. It looks exactly like a McQueen. She says, "Really?" He goes further and says, "It bothers me a touch, quite honestly." Nina says that it's a dead-ringer for a McQueen that just walked the runway. Kenley persists saying that there is not a silhouette in the world right now like her dress. She may have a tiny bit of a case with that, simply because the McQueen plays a bit with asymmetry and her dress is so neat. Michael says that he wishes the McQueen weren't in his mind, but her dress is executed beautifully. It's romantic, but not syrupy. And, it looks like Kenley, even though it looks like McQueen. True. He says the bridesmaid dress is the "cutest damn dress" he has ever seen. Heidi says she could see Kenley wearing her wedding dress on her actual wedding day and she responds, "I will." Heidi says it's "crazy good." Kenley is stunned and says she loves her.

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