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Jerell tells Leanne and Korto that they'd better bring the fire, because he's going to bring the pain. I'm not sure if that's some sort of cheerleading rhyme or perhaps the text from an old IcyHot ad, but I like it. It's total bullshit, just like most of what comes out of Jerell's mouth, but I've grown a little accustomed to the whole front. He interviews that he's not sure what the other designers will be doing with their money, but he will be constructing pure magic.

As she's hailing a cab, we see a Leanne interview where she says that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. There is no way she's going to procrastinate on her collection. Shh. To name it is to claim it.

The screen tells us it's four weeks later. Leanne is still sitting in her cab. Kidding. We're in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tim is checking in on Korto. She answers the door and they embrace. She explains that her studio is called Park on the River and it's run by the city of Maumelle. She rents workspace there. Korto interviews that, as much as she loves her family, she needed a place where she could get away and focus on her work. It's really beautiful there. Tim seems to dig it, too. As they move to another room, Korto tells Tim that she has been very nervous about his visit. He reminds her that he's a friend, not a foe. She tells him that the focus of her collection is culture and color. She wanted the looks to be "ethnic, without being too ethnic." She has incorporated her own beadwork and Tim says that it's gorgeous. He says it's very sophisticated.

Korto interviews that her looks are a reflection of her workspace. For instance, she created a green dress based on some beautiful green grass that she saw. She used snakeskin because there are snakes everywhere in Arkansas. That would be one of my least favorite things about the South, FYI. There's one dress that is green and has an undulating panel of snakeskin starting at the point of the bust all the way to the hem. Tim remarks that it has a sexual vibe to it. It's true, the snakeskin totally looks like some sort of makeshift vagina. Korto giggles and says, "I hear ya." Tim continues, "I don't want a snatch shot." Wow, that's pretty bold for basic cable, yes? I believe that Tim could say just about anything and get away with it though. AND, my TV is on pause right now and I'm looking at his suit -- is that Neil Barrett? The double pockets are a signature of his. I LOVE NEIL BARRETT. If that's him, that's awesome. There was a layout in GQ with Dominic Cooper at the end of the summer with one of his suits in gray flannel, and I'm obsessed. Of course, with the economy the way it is, buying it seems about as rational as a hurricane party. On the other hand, I love hurricane parties. We'll see.

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