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She shows him her wedding dress. She points out that it's not traditional, but it is the color that she wore at her own wedding (gold). Snakeskin is incorporated and she says that she really loves the texture that it provides. He asks her if she's using a veil or a train and she says that she isn't. His point is that she needs something that distinguishes the dress as wedding and not red carpet. She giggles that she has a lot of work to do, but he tells her that, wedding-signifying additions notwithstanding, it's sensational. He hugs her and says that he's very proud of her. She says that she's been having nightmares about his visit. I'm so in love with Korto right now. I love her attitude, the workspace -- I love it all. With the possible exception of... her clothes. There's something just a little tone deaf about the taste in a lot of the glimpses we just saw. But, she's smart, so hopefully she'll be able to bring everything around.

Korto brings him to meet her friends and family where, Korto says, they will give him a little taste of Arkansas and Africa. They arrive at her cute little ranch-style home. I don't understand why people don't have trees in their yard. Doesn't everyone love trees? Get a tree, Korto. Her husband, Benny, greets them at the door. Their sick-cute little girl, Elise, is right behind him. Tim compliments her on her skirt. She's that age where kids are super-curious about visitors, but really shy, too. Korto interviews that she's been married for nine years and Elise is four. Tim tells Elise that she looks like a princess and Korto says for her, "I act like one, too."

Korto's family and friends are in the living room and Tim meets all of them, including her friend named Starr. Tim replies, "There's only one star in this household," and grabs Korto. We meet Ince, Korto's drumming partner. That is so awesome. I want a drumming partner! Korto kicks off her shoes and performs a little number with Ince. Meanwhile, Korto repeats her back story. She was born in Liberia. She says that it's very important for her to stay close to her roots, because she doesn't want to forget who she is. Her strength comes from her parents. Her father worked for the government in Liberia, so they had to leave when the revolution began, for fear of execution. She tells us that something dies in you when you leave under those circumstances. They were penniless and had to go on welfare and start from scratch in America. I swear I'm not trying to get political, but when I hear stories like this, I think -- what would have happened to these people had America not been a place where immigrants were welcomed? We see a snapshot of Korto and her siblings and father eating ice cream beside a car -- it's very sweet. She says that she has seen where her family came from, so knowing that they had what they had, lost it, then regained it -- she knows that you can accomplish what you want with hard work and persistence. She wants to show Elise that she can be anything she wants to be. She emotionally explains that her family knows how hard she has worked and how long she has dreamt of the goals that she is achieving right now. They're so proud of her, she doesn't even need to win the prize. That's really touching. Korto finishes drumming to applause from everyone. As he's leaving, Tim gives kisses to Korto and to Elise.

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