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Next, we're in Los Angeles. Tim is visiting Jerell Scott. The two meet and hug outside of Jerell's studio. Jerell interviews that he is excited to have Tim there. He's excited for Tim's input regarding his collection -- in fact, he's hoping that Tim can be the second wind that he needs to finish his stuff. That doesn't sound promising, considering Jerell has already been slammed multiple times for his finishing. He tells Tim that his overall theme is evening. Also, he's working with multiple textures, as that's something that he feels that he is good at.

He shows Tim his wedding dress. He says that he thought it would be cool to do an "asymmetrical swooping thing." Tim asks for permission to be blunt. Jerell grants it. He feels like the bust is too loose. It looks like it "popped out." It looks like he's going for that romantic and fucked-up Vivienne Westwood stuff. Her stuff is pretty meticulously constructed, though. Jerell interviews that Tim didn't think his dress needed to be so "asymmetrical" at the top. Not what he said. He said it looked like it popped out. It looks unfinished. You could finish it asymmetrically. When people start hearing things incorrectly, you know you've got a problem. He says that the dress still has to be "him." Oh no, Jerell.

Jerell shows Tim some other pieces from his collection. One in particular, with like chainmail and a snakeskin bustier, Tim finds to be "a lot of look." He suggests to Jerell that perhaps he should consider editing himself. Jerell says that he still has six looks to create (three weeks before Fashion Week!!). This doesn't look great for him. Tim suggests to him that he needs to make his collection believable. It's an awkward moment. Tim breaks the silence with, "Can I still meet your family and friends?" He can.

At Jerell's apartment, an assortment of family and friends are waiting. Tim meets Jerell's sister, Valerie, and tells her that she's stunning. She is really pretty. Jerell introduces his "love interest" Dan. He just referred to his boyfriend as his "love interest." Perhaps (and most likely) he was just attempting a little clever turn of a phrase, but to me it just emphasizes how everything Jerell says is an attempt to be camera-ready. Like, he sent out casting breakdowns for the people he needed at his apartment to meet Tim. Tim asks Jerell's mother, who is lovely in purple, if she knew when Jerell was little that he would be a designer. She says that she knew it would be something creative. I can imagine that most moms aren't guessing that their sons will be fashion designers. Jerell tells a story about his four-year-old self making a dress with a train out of a tube sock.

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