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Kenley explains that she was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and she painted her fabrics. We see a silk dress that she painted that Tim declares "fab." She also shows him a dress that has a rope around the neck. Tim says that he's reminded of someone hanging themselves. She says that had never occurred to her. She interviews that she is influenced by all of the ropes that are on tugboats (where her father worked).

She shows him a dress of feathers and tulle that Tim says is spectacular. It's certainly beautiful, but I'm more inclined to describe it as Look #34 in Alexander McQueen's current collection. Seriously. I know it's not incredibly original of either of them, but it is practically the same dress. Tim tells Kenley that he's very impressed, and she hugs him and tells him that she's going to cry. She starts getting a little emotional and says, "That's what I wanted to hear." She says that putting her collection together has been really hard. She says that she's not thinking of winning, she's thinking of putting together a collection that is her dream. Okay, I... sort of feel for her right now. I'm starting to understand her a little bit. To me, she's someone who doesn't feel the luxury to have a learning process. No one wants to feel that way. She clearly hasn't felt supported in environments like that, so she's not open to it. In order to make it through, she has to say that any criticism of her work is just wrong and stupid, because I'm not sure that she can really let herself feel vulnerable enough to incorporate someone's criticism into her process. She'd probably just sort of fall apart. That sucks for her more than it does anyone else. So, a moment like now, when she has gotten approval, is the only time she can really let herself feel a little. I feel kind of awful for her right now. As we see her saying farewell to Tim, she interviews that she thinks she has a "huge chance of winning." That's our girl.

We see a plane arriving in New York. Did Tim fly from Brooklyn? Oh, it's the other designers. They're coming back. Korto arrives at the Westin, the ugliest building in North America. She says that she loves her collection. It's six days before the Bryant Park show, and she says that she still has a lot of work to do. She's alone in the suite reserved for the designers. She interviews that she hopes she doesn't have to room with Kenley, because of how they all left each other. Leanne arrives and she and Korto embrace. They're happy to see each other. She interviews that she's rooming with Korto to avoid drama. Later, Jerell arrives. He hugs the girls and interviews that he still hopes that they accompany him to Bryant Park. They break it to him that he's rooming with Kenley. He takes it well. Kenley arrives and says hello, but only Jerell replies. As she wheels her suitcase to her room, she lamely says that she is sorry for having been a bitch. I'm not sure she really means that. But, she's trying to clear the air instead of having tension. Smart move. She interviews that it's not even worth holding a grudge when she's never going to see any of these people again. Didn't I see all four of them on Regis and Kelly last week? Best laid plans.

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