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Always Another Challenge, Never a Bride

The doorbell rings, and room service brings in some champagne and a note from Tim. It reads that he will see them all the next day. Jerell interviews that Kenley's apology lightened the mood in the room. She pours champagne for everyone.

The next day, they excitedly make their way into the workroom and start unpacking their collections. Jerell makes a joke about coming around to critique everyone's work once they're unpacked. Tim enters and asks everyone to gather 'round. He welcomes them to the studio, where they will be working until the Bryant Park show. He tells them that they are getting one more challenge. Kenley rolls her eyes and shakes her head at the news. She interviews that she is really pissed off. They have to design a bridesmaid dress to accompany their wedding dress. Jesus. I'd be tempted to just pull another look from my collection and be like, "Boom. Bridesmaid dress." Korto is really choked up in her interview and says that she's freaking out.

Tim tells them that the next day, they will be presenting their wedding and bridesmaid dresses to the judges. They'll have $150 at Mood for the new look. When you consider that they had $8,000 for the ten looks in their collections, that $150 seems a little paltry, no? At Mood, they start racing around. Korto interviews that she has actually made quite a few bridesmaid dresses. She says they're not that bad -- just evening dresses made to "froufrou up a wedding." That's a really interesting way to look at it. Leanne knows exactly what she's going to do. Frankly, this challenge isn't that huge of a leap conceptually for the show. I can't be positive, but I think maybe I would have expected this. Jerell is looking at a fabric that Tim wonders whether it's too somber or not. Jerell doesn't think so. He interviews that he finds materials he likes and he lets them tell him what they want to be. Newsflash: Fabric is fabric -- and not a fashion designer -- for a reason; because it can't reason.

Back at the workroom, Tim tells them that they will have until midnight to finish their dresses. Jerell asks Leanne if she's going to make a headpiece and she says that she planned on it, but she's not sure if she will have enough time. She interviews that she is going to make a beautiful bridesmaid dress and is using this challenge as an opportunity to use more color.

Korto says that she's calm and will try to stay that way. She says she hasn't snapped on anyone yet. Kenley says that she can snap on her, because she's already gotten it from her. Uh, snap. Korto doesn't seem to know what she's talking about, and Kenley reminds her of when she said that Jerell and Leanne should join her in Bryant Park essentially because they're better people. Kenley is pretty good-natured about the whole thing. Korto interviews that they all know that the old Kenley is still in there, but she's good in her book until she pisses her off.

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