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Always Another Challenge, Never a Bride

Jerell asks Korto whether she thinks he should shorten his dress. She says that, since his wedding dress is so voluminous, his bridesmaid dress can be long. He says to her that his dress isn't the prettiest dress, but that's okay because bridesmaid dresses are ugly. Yeah, I think that's the thought process everyone has when planning a wedding. Korto interviews that Jerell thinks that the bridesmaids have to be butt-ugly, but she wanted her bridesmaids to be pretty at her wedding. She wants her bridesmaid dress to be as pretty as the wedding gown. Then she says that it's okay for your bridesmaids to look cute, ladies. Do women really do that? That's effed. You already got a man, what do you care if somebody else gets some?

Later, Tim returns. He checks in on Kenley first. She describes it for him and he says that he senses ambivalence from her. She says she's stressed and doesn't want to be excluded from the top three because of this extra challenge. He tells her that her dress is ambitious, but he likes the spirit of the wedding she's creating. He wants to attend. Perhaps there he might find the winner of "Jumping the Gunn: TWoP's Quest To Find Love For Tim Gunn." Tim sees some puckering in Jerell's dress and tells him that it looks sloppy. There's some weird placement of flowers on the waistband and Tim tells him that it should look like it's growing from the dress -- don't fight with Mother Nature. "Or Nina Garcia," adds Jerell. So witty, that one. Leanne tells Tim that she has a lot of sewing left to do, but he's more interested in her wedding dress. She has changed it since he last saw it. He says that he has been thinking about her old dress and how it was technically masterful, but "it wasn't making music." Now, she's making music. He suggests that she shorten her bridesmaid dress. Korto presents her dress and Tim tells her that it looks like she has two wedding dresses. The colors are very close. He feels like the dresses are competing.

Before he leaves, Tim tells them that it's very important they be able to stand by all of their decisions tomorrow. Then, he says that he cares very deeply about all of them. He doesn't want to see any of them not move forward. Oh my God, he's crying. This is so touching. He says that they've all worked so hard. He tells them that he really believes in all of them. He apologizes for crying, says he loves them, and then leaves. Come on! He is one of the top five nicest people ever.

Korto says that she has too much work to finish and she's about to have a breakdown. Leanne says that she's utterly exhausted, but this is her chance. She's going to do it.

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