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Finally, a decision is made. And to make it brutally painful for everyone, they drag out the reveal by repeating everything they just said three times. I do love that they dig Irina for her lack of color. "With even a bit of color," Heidi says, "your line would have stood out." Althea, Heidi says, has an "amazing" ability to translate what's "happening on the streets" to fashion. Hee. On the streets! She says they are not convinced that it was futuristic, but that she did give them "modern staples of a new generation." Wow, now, that is a compliment. Carol Hannah, they say, always impresses them with her meticulous design. Of all the designers, Heidi says, she impressed them with color. But because it lacked the connective thread, she's out. Sweet CH, y'all, it kills me. I mean, I guess I appreciate what they had to say about her stuff, but still. She says in an interview that she came there with no expectations, and she feels like she did really well. "Nobody gets to do this," she says. "Who gets to do this?! It's crazy!" She handles it very gracefully, which is impressive, and I hope she and Logan get married and have 10 hot/cute babies.

Finally, just as I am about to die from the tension (not really), Irina is named the winner. I looooove how cool Heidi is during all the waiting. It's so weirdly edited, but my cold heart almost thaws up a tad when Althea warmly congratulates Irina, and Irina cries. Kors gives her a "spectacular," Suz a "great job," and naturally Nina a muted "congratulations." In an interview, Althea says she feels really great about the whole experience and all the great people she met and great advice she gained. "I may not have been the winner," she says, "but I'm still A winner." Heee. True. Onto the runway comes Irina's crying family and the nearly-crying Tim Gunn who, it was revealed in a recent article, was actually Irina's teacher in fashion school. Irina of course interviews that she's very proud of herself and "deserves a pat on the back," because she did have some stiff competition.

And there you have it. Are you pleased? Are you pissed? Take it to the forums, people, and make it work!

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