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Here we go with Carol Hannah who, y'all know I love her, and I know she has Dengue fever or whatever, but can girlfriend get the makeup right for once? She schlubs out on stage still looking like she has wet hair, and like she just woke up leaving her face on the pillow. Yadda yadda, dream come true, let's start the show. We begin with the look so poorly knocked-off by whatever gay man is doing costumes for Carrie Underwood, followed by -- compared to Althea's and Irina's collection -- a cavalcade of color. I love the colors, really. There's a short, metallic/black full skirt over tights and what appears to be a cashmere turltleneck, followed by a braided aubergine tunic top over black pants. I had higher hopes for this top last week, but it sort of turned out to be a bit square. The same color is seen in a long evening gown with some asymmetrical stuff up top, while the lighter purple is shown in the cupcake-looking dress we saw last week. All of this stuff is very pretty, but one or two of the dresses look fairly... Macy's. Just a few, though. Several of the things are quite awesome. The 13th look dress, that gorgeous blue on a redheaded model, is a stunner. Then there's, no kidding, formal shorts with a cape?! I can hear the Fug Girls gnashing from here. Also included is the gold sheath dress CH was worried last week would be too boring. In what was surely a deranged fit, she felt like she needed to tie a big piece of tulle around it for a belt, or something, or at least that's what it looks like. She needn't have worried about it being boring -- the model who is wearing it is SO awful, no one is even looking at the dress. Has this girl suffered from a terrible knee injury? She is about to fall down. The last look is the stunning Lisa in a gold evening gown that I loooove. It is my favorite piece of all the collections and, find, call me plebian, but I do love a gorgeous dress on a woman whose hips do not, cannot, and shall not lie.

Finally, Irina takes the stage to the fearful screams of the crowd. Irina seems nervous, or overtired or both -- when she explains that her collection is about being a woman in New York, she is near tears. "It's really just about comforting and shielding yourself... and just... going at it," she fumbles, and sends her models out. They look like horse-warrior sex slaves from space. Frankly, I can't tell you too much about it, because almost everything is black. The knitwear and fur she has featured are tan, which seems downright refreshing in the midst of all the darkness. The truth is, there is something about her designs that seems more put together than the other two. Perhaps it's just the sleekness of the models, because I can't really distinguish a whole lot under all the black jackets and knitwear. Her final dress came out very nicely, though I must say I was reminded fairly vividly of the black dress Carol Hannah did for the Bob Mackie challenge -- at least by the shape of it. Like I said, her show looks very together, no doubt due in large part to the excellent assistance of Gordana, but, as someone said in the comments of that NY Mag piece: "[It's] derivative. "Basically, if you could picture Posh in it, it's been done." Brilliant.

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