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Finally, they are sent away for the judges to chat. They begin with Carol Hannah, and they are loving her opening dress. It is well-designed and photographable, Kors says. Yes, Carrie Underwood's gays thought so, too! Suz says it has "desire," which is hilarious. "It's not easy to find a garment that has all of those things," Kors says. Suz says also (as Nina flips through her notebook, totally bored), that CH has the best sense of color of the three of them, from what she was wearing herself to the color she used in her designs. Kors says yes, she played with the color, she just didn't play with it "enough!" Nina nods, joining him on that last word. Since CH was the only one of the three of them to use ANY color, this makes me laugh.

Y'all... Heidi's pink suit. With a white silk shell and brooches? I swear my mother wore that to a wedding last spring.

Desperate to say something that will indicate they are awake, Nina and Michael say that they think Althea is very "plugged in" to what people are wearing and that women will respond well to her clothes. Nina goes so far as to say that she could even shoot some of Althea's clothes for Marie Claire. She particularly liked a blue suit with pegged Capri pants (that read as a sweatsuit on my TV, sorry), and Heidi agrees. "Again," Kors says, "it looked a little bit like an assemblage of clothes; not a collection." Suz says that the clothes just did not seem to be shown to their best advantage. She thinks Althea could be a great knitwear and sportswear designer, but certain pieces do not take well to the runway, despite being great pieces.

They are all impressed with the well-made, modern edge of Irina's collection. Kors was very impressed with Irina's sense of showmanship. He especially loved the punches of style with the hats, and appreciated how each of them were a little different from each other. Suz liked the protection theme, but says it did not seem like the models were shrinking into the clothes for protection by any means, which was good. They all agree that the whole thing was a bit dark and could have used color. "Let's be honest," Kors says, "half of this, I'm kind of lost, but she was smart with the T-shirts. The clothes were very ominous, and very serious, and then suddenly, oh! The T-shirt!" Don't go dissing Nina's tees, now! She loves them, especially that, on top of everything, they "had a little message." Again, Nina G., try Old Navy. All their T-shirts have messages, and sometimes you can get two for nine dollars. He says that the piece that really throws him off was the final gown. It seems, he says, they all seem obliged to close with a gown the way an old fashion show used to end with a bride. Oh, is that not the thing anymore? I love that bride tradition!

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