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Judging Can Be Hazardous To Your Foot

And now, guess who appears? It's Morgan, our Season 1 urchin. Kenley tells her that they all know who she is. I wonder if she even remembers that she was on this show. After she walks, John asks if they are going to fight over her. Kenley decides that she's going to try to get her for her show. "But she better not act up or anything." She's acting really tugboat right now. That was rough. They giggle at Kenley's outburst.

Back at the workroom, Tim arrives to get a sense of everyone's collections. He starts with Kenley. She tells him that she is just trying to decide which pieces to edit from her collection. He really doesn't like her use of rope. He thinks that it "strangles" the organic nature of her design. He continues, saying that the rope looks arbitrary and contrived. Gunn is looking for a fight. Believe it or not, Kenley doesn't take the bait. She says emphatically yet respectfully that she disagrees. Tim seems fine with that. She interviews that Tim doesn't like the rope, she does, the end. Her decisions are final and she has made her decision. If Kenley had acted a little more like this during the season -- passionate instead of surly and sensitive -- perhaps Tim would have been able to give her advice more appropriate for her. It's hard to help someone who just sort of shuts you down every time you open your mouth. Tim asks her who her signature model is. It's Topacio and she's wearing the wedding dress. Tim reminds her that Topacio will be back before the judges at the final runway judging, insinuating that she should perhaps reconsider what Topacio is wearing. Kenley says she's fine with that, they loved her wedding dress. Tim's jaw drops. He got a different interpretation from the judging. Kenley seems authentically stunned right now. Tim begins to elaborate. He says that, yes, they marveled at her execution. But -- now Kenley remembers that they hated her dress. But, they thought that she was a knockoff? Kenley reminds him that they have said that to her four times and she finds it insulting. Tim says that's fine, she just has to own her decision. He's looking at her like she's a total nut job during this entire last moment -- eyebrows arched, posture even more erect. This would be Tim's revenge. Only three episodes too late. I'm past needing to see Kenley get comeuppance, which is annoying. For there was a time when nothing would have made me happier than Kenley being put in her place. It's hard to feel that way now when you continue to see how hard she works. Thanks for stealing my anger, Bravo. That sucks.

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