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Judging Can Be Hazardous To Your Foot

Tim approaches Korto. She has 11 looks to choose from, because she is not even counting her bridesmaid dress. She says that Heidi said she wouldn't wear the bridesmaid dress, so out it goes. She also said that about Korto's wedding dress, but she likes the wedding dress. Tim asks her which look she's going to edit out and she's unsure. She asks if he's suggesting that she remove her wedding dress (yes). He says that he wouldn't dream of telling her such a thing (he's dying to tell you that). She interviews that this is a difficult spot to be in. Do you remove the dress or are you hardheaded and say, "I love it. I don't care if you like it." She tells Tim that you have to stand by your work.

Leanne tells Tim that she's not sure which look she's going to edit out of her collection. She suggests that she may edit a look with pants, because the pants need work. However, they are the only pants in her collection. Tim tells her that he would encourage her to have "a pant" in her collection. She interviews that she has a lot, A LOT, of work to do on the pants. OK, that doesn't sound great.

Kenley stops Tim before he goes and asks -- if Topacio is wearing a different look, but the wedding dress is still in the show, it's still the look that Topacio will be wearing that will appear before the judges. Tim confirms. So, that's what she's going to do. Which means that Topacio won't be the final model in the show. These girls have kinda gotten effed over at every turn this year, haven't they? I mean, they are BARELY a presence as it is. I realize the show is falling apart in court right now and what have you, but when you have a moment, could someone take another look at the whole model portion of the show? It changes every year, but it only gets worse. Case in point, they just brought back a model from the first season for our entertainment. You couldn't do that with any other season -- because we don't remember them. Tim thanks Kenley for making a change and blows her a kiss. She interviews that he has a point. If she were a judge, she wouldn't want to be presented with the same look (ripping off other designers notwithstanding).

That night, Kenley tells Korto that she's going to keep her wedding dress. She doesn't give an eff what the judges think. Korto is going in a different direction. Not only is she NOT showing her wedding dress, she's editing another 2 looks out. So, she's making 2 dresses. She feels that a couple of her looks could be called overdesigned and she doesn't want to have that conversation with the judges again. Kenley says that she thinks it's insane that Korto is making these dresses.

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