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The next morning, the designers meet with Collier Strong to design their make-up palettes for their shows. Kenley tells Korto that she likes the dress that she's wearing and that it goes with her line. If I already felt that Kenley was rude, as I do from past experience, I'd totally think, "Are you saying I can only make one kind of dress?"

Collier walks the ladies through their looks. Korto is going with natural, organic make-up. Kenley wants "fresh," which she translates as cherry red lips. Oh my gosh! She has those too! It's amazing how that has worked out. Leanne explains her wave inspiration. They're going for very modern make-up.

Later, they have a fitting with their models. Leanne says the traffic in the workroom is insane. Korto is working on her new looks and she interviews that she's praying to herself that she'll finish. Kenley interviews that Leanne doesn't know how to use color and her collection is boring. Nice. Leanne says that Kenley's collection is really "Holly Hobby." She thinks that the painting on her clothing looks really amateurish. At day's end, Korto still has a lot of work to finish. She interviews, while crying, that she wants to win this competition very badly.

The next day, with one day until the runway show, the ladies work with Jeanie Syfu to create their runway looks. I've said it before, but that Jeanie has the cutest haircut ever. Korto is having these huge buns on her models that are really modern and cool.

Later, the designers are all scrambling with final fittings. Oh, and Korto has to finish some dresses. Looking on, Kenley says that she can see that Korto is stressed. But, the fitting seems to go pretty well. Korto interviews that she's feeling a little bit better about the whole thing. Tia brings her little dog, Sophie, to the workroom for her fitting. And, the dog poops. AND, Tia picks it up while wearing Leanne's gown. Leanne interviews that she can't imagine how she would explain to the judges why there was poop on her gown. I'd blame it on the model -- she had too much coffee for breakfast, she saw Val Kilmer in the audience at the runway show, etc. The model pooped. That's what I'd say.

Tim comes in later and tells everyone to gather 'round. He tells them that the sequence of the show the next day will be Kenley, Korto, then Leanne. Then, he tells them how proud of them he is and what a huge moment this is for them. He asks for a group hug and they all giggle and give it to him.

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