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The next morning, we see Kenley wake up wearing glasses. She interviews that this is the biggest day of her life. She says that she snuck into the tents last year (and was promptly ushered out). Leanne says, as she is combing her hair, that she has waited for this day for a long time. Korto interviews that she feels like she deserves to win because she's Korto and nobody does what Korto does. She doesn't really say it like Rayon would, I'm merely paraphrasing.

It's so early, it's still dark out. The designers get to Bryant Park and go inside the empty tents. They seem awestruck. Leanne remarks how long the runway is. Kenley takes a stroll down the runway. She interviews, emotionally, that her parents will get the chance today to see what she has been working on so hard for the past three years. They haven't really been a big part of her life for that time. Her dad had a huge influence on her collection (tugboats) and she thinks he's going to really like that. The designers all do a fists-in sort of "go team" thing, probably because they don't want to hug each other. Korto tells the other two to "shine in your moment."

Now, it's scramble time. A team of students shows up to help Korto. I wonder if they've had those every year... I'd totally hit up Parson's for some help if I were the producers. It's one of those "everybody wins" things. Kenley won't let her helpers touch her stuff. She interviews that no one but her knows how to iron painted fabric. Then, we see her ironing something and dropping it on the ground in the process.

Now, it's one hour before the runway show and everybody is filling into the tents. There's Blayne, wearing some sort of high-collared nonsense. There are Wesley and Daniel together wearing suits. They look really cute together. Ya'll heard that they're an item, right? They are. We see actress Michelle Trachtenberg meeting a half her size Christian Siriano. "Well aren't you fabulous?" she asks him. There's Uncle Nick! And, he's still sporting that faux-hawk. It's time to move on. Backstage, the models are in hair and make-up.

With 30 minutes remaining, Leanne has a fit problem. The top of her look has become limp and loose. Since this was Tia's look, she decides to put her in another dress, because now she doesn't want the wedding dress to come before the judges. Tia looks really upset by this! I think she must have really wanted to wear that wedding dress. Leanne has to perform some quick alterations on the new gown that Tia is going to wear.

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