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Judging Can Be Hazardous To Your Foot

They start with Kenley. Michael thought it was a collection full of charm and personality. He asks her about the painting, which she confirms that she did herself. He finds it remarkable (not Holly Hobby?) that she did it. He also liked that she used separates, but still kept her own look. Tim liked the painting, construction, point of view in her work.

Nina says her collection had spirit. She loved it, however, the flower dress is Balenciaga. Heidi says she heard people say that at the tents (ouch, I actually think that my best friend was one of those people. Sorry Kenley!). Kenley says "I don't know," in regards to the mentioned Balenciaga collection. Michael tells her it's necessary to know what else is happening in fashion. Nina says that the fashion editors know, even if she doesn't. Kenley, in her breakthrough for the season, even if it's just admitting to herself that sometimes she needs to kiss up a little in order to get what she wants, agrees that maybe she should do some research. See? That wasn't so hard, was it?

Now we're moving on to Korto. Michael says that she uses her background without making it costume. Her green halter dress was his favorite. Nina says that her collection is effortlessly cohesive. She thinks that she is great with color. She also loves the green dress. Tim loved her new short taupe dress (can you believe she made that so quickly?). Ending the love fest, Heidi says that some of the dresses are still overworked. "Too many ideers," is how she put it. Nina concurs and says she likes it when Korto holds back a little.

It's time to talk to Leanne. Michael thinks the first look was the right one to start with. She explains how they had to switch models for that look, because the top stretched. Kors welcomes her to the crazy world of fashion shows. Miss Piggy and George Michael are party of the welcome committee. Michael says that the workmanship in her collection looked divine. Tim loved the vest and pants look, the one he fought for. He thought it was fantastic and smart. Nina like that she showed pants, shorts, jacket, and a long dress. Heidi thought that it all worked. It's original, this petals look, but there are a lot of petals. Michael is worried that there are too many petals. Petals Marshall? Is that what we're going to call you, Leanne? She's shaking her head the whole time. Nina is concerned that she was too one note.

Now they're doing that horrible thing where they ask everyone why they should be the winner. Korto, already crying, says that she's worthy and there is so much more that can come out of her. Leanne says she's extremely innovative -- she used sustainable textiles for half of her collection. She has the talent and ambition to succeed. Kenley says that she moved to New York with a lot of ambition and personality (good or bad). She's really crying and she says that she's passionate. Michael says that they would need to be passionate in order to succeed.

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