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Finale, Part 2

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They arrive at Gotham Hall, the event space where the fashion show will take place. They're all gobsmacked when they walk into the space and it really is very beautiful -- all high ceilings and gilding. Austin does a really lovely job of talking up the space in his interview. The editors must LOVE him because he is always verbose and engaging. Lots to work with. They all hug each other to commemorate their big day. Mondo says that he is visualizing himself on the runway- winning.

Backstage, they all make their way to their individual dressing areas replete with steamers and irons. Mondo interviews that he got done the work he wanted to complete the night previous. As soon as Austin gets to his area, he starts working on one of his looks -- a red carpet dress that he says still needs a lot of work. Mondo thinks Austin has bitten of more than he can chew and is now choking. I guess that's what happens when you have more in your mouth than really is possible to chew. I thought maybe you just spit it on the floor and wasted food and that was why biting off so much was a bad thing, because you ended up maybe still hungry (depending on how much there was to bite in the first place) and with a dirty floor.

With two hours remaining before the show, Austin is frantic. He's OK with being that way though. I appreciate that! Michael has last minute fittings and finds that one of his looks has problems with fit. Mondo looks like he's having an easier time, though we see him have an internal dilemma about a garment being see-through.

Here are the judges! Angela arrives first, on the arm of a guy not worthy of her. So pretty! Georgina is gorgeous per always. Isaac is looking dapper. And following is Eric Daman, who looks no less ridiculous than the last time he was hear and had the nerve to cross Miss Piggy. And, finally, there's Ken Downing.

It's hair and make-up time and Austin takes his girls first. There's hot make-up daddy and I guess we're just never going to get to talk to him. Not ever. Fine. All of that seems to go well. The designers appear to really know what they're looking for.

Joanna pays Austin a visit and seems disturbed that he's still completing a look. Welcome to Project Runway, you amateur. Austin says that all is fine, except that he hopes that the judges don't notice any pins showing on his red carpet look. Meanwhile, Michael is having more fit issues. One of his gowns is six inches too big. How does that happen? He has to readjust the fit and now he's freaking out. Joanna tells him to "let go and let God." I'm not sure God is prepared to make is model grow by six inches. Mondo is having a relatively easy time. They just joke around and Joanna uses a lint roller on him. The frivolity! Mondo likens it to your aunt joking around with you.

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