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Backstage, all of the eliminated all-stars greet the finalists. Nina interviews that it was good to see them again -- see how they grew and stuff. The model Coco Rocha says that it was amazing to see what they could put together in four days. Wow, I keep forgetting that. That is pretty remarkable, isn't it? Eric Daman's favorite look was Mondo's pantsuit with the round pockets. He mentions that the model was amazing as well. Nanette says that she is worried to see who the winner is, because she's rooting for someone. Is it really a secret? It would probably be Mondo, yes? Irina Shabayeva, the winner of Season 6 and a person I've never heard speak (I so successfully avoided the LA season), says that it's fun to watch the best of the best try to outperform each other. Backstage, Austin says that he's still trying to process what just happened. Mondo says that, despite his near constant bitching and moaning, being back on Project Runway is a dream come true for him. God, I'd hate to see how he reacts when something he doesn't want comes his way. Michael is very emotional and says that he is incredibly pleased with how everything has gone. He has to fan himself to keep from draping, I mean, crying.

The designers enter the runway and are greeted by Angela and the judges. They are going to speak to each designer individually, so Mondo and Michael leave the stage. Everyone congratulates Austin. Tommy is astounded at how quickly he was able to put everything together. Isaac thinks that he should be really proud, "Man." Seriously, that happened. Isaac felt it was less a collection and more the best of a designers work over years. Tommy liked the rock and roll elements of his collection, but felt that he went off message when he introduced a wedding gown. Angela says that she loved the gown though and Georgina agrees, saying that she knows plenty of women who would love to wear it. She does, however, think that the proportions of the red carpet look are problematic. It's not terribly flattering. Ken really loves the lace dress and everyone chimes in in agreement. Also, we find out that the leather jumpsuit is the outfit made for the final challenge. They all seem surprised. Isaac loves that the collection was for such "a woman" and Georgina agrees. She thinks that it had a youthful glamour too, which is a real compliment. That's it for Austin.

Austin goes backstage and sighs and sends Mondo out. He returns to the runway with all of his girls. Georgina starts off congratulating him on his use of pattern and graphic. Isaac thinks that his was the most cohesive collection in terms of wit. Tommy loved the first look. When he saw it for the first time, he thought that Mondo really got it. However, he didn't really like the big pockets on his second dress. Ken loves the Rorschach print. Isaac likes the appliques on the last dress, but Angela speaks up that she doesn't really like it. I think that's one of the reasons I like Angela so much. I'm not positive, but I think she likes the same people that I do almost all of the time, which of course makes me just think she's an all-around good person.

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