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Mondo goes backstage and sends Michael out. Angela congratulates him. Georgina thinks the collection is exceptional. Ken compliments him on the cohesion of the collection and how the prints played off of each other. Georgina says that she understands that the animal prints were keeping with his theme, but he needs to be careful because his prints look a little too commercial. Isaac agrees that it could have been a little more interesting. Ken really likes the second dress and feels that it's exudes strength, like a warrior princess. Michael, who never once considered this, is thrilled with the idea of having done that. He tells them that the last dress was the one made with leftover fabrics. I don't think they really care though. Isaac loves that Michael's clothes always exalt flesh, but he warns that that particular look can run inexpensive in its appearance. Angela says that she thinks there's a big market for that sort of sex appeal and she also thinks that there's something sophisticated about Michael's collection. Michael feels really great about his critique.

Backstage, the boys toast red wine in little plastic glasses. Michael says, "May the Force be with you," which gets a laugh. Then, Austin gets serious and says, "And also with you." You know, I get that people find him precious and whatever, but I would KILL to have Austin as a friend. That sort of gentle and deliberate politeness is my sweet spot. We'd have the best time. I'm sad.

It's time for the judges to talk this shit out. Angela says that she was really impressed with the collections. They begin talking about Austin. Isaac says that he's very talented and can think big, epic thoughts. Georgina agrees that he's probably the most artistic of the finalists. That already sounds like a consolation prize, doesn't it? Ken pours water on the proceedings by pointing out that Austin had a lot of "messages" in his collection and wishes that he'd been a little more focused in his ideas. Tommy thinks there was a split between rock and roll and "period" and that's a problem for him. It's not a problem for his ads to be styled like a group of preppy clowns who are afraid of sunlight and are waiting for a flood and have just been evicted from their natty mansion, but mixing rock and roll with period really just FUCKS things up for Tommy. They also play lots of racket sports, his people. And, they're super multi-generational. And, one of them always has really curly hair. A boy. Maybe I'm making his point for him. They all mention again that they loved the lace lacquer dress. I honestly don't know why it's lacquer. It doesn't look lacquered. Is that dress lacquered? This is pure reportage, zero knowledge at this here moment. Georgina loved that dress too and she loved his bridal gown. But... Ken ties it up -- his clothes are lovely and feminine and the women who buy them will be looking for that. But... do we think he could pull off a boutique at Neiman's? Georgina and Isaac are a resounding "yes." In fact, Isaac says that, with the help of a stylist, sky's the limit for this here kid, Scarlett. But...was that mustache on his face for the majority of this season in fact real? They have no idea.

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