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Backstage, Austin mentions to Mondo and Michael that the judges mentioned that there was a surplus of ideas in his collection. He explains to the two stone-faced assholes who have gone through this with him that he just wanted his show to be as powerful as possible. Fucking crickets. UGH. Seriously? The guy is sure about what he wants in a model and that means we can't give him any compassion ever? Yeah, Austin Scarlett is super nice but he wants things and has a vision so that make him some sort of asshole(?) or something -- seriously, imagine my voice, which you've never heard, but imagine it really high, like THAT'S how I'm talking -- and because he is just sort of sure about a few things, we can't show him any real decency? That's what I get. Because Mondo is no shrinking violet. Mondo takes what he wants. He doesn't like Austin because Austin is not his version of cool fag. If you're not over EVERYTHING, you're simple. And, yeah, yeah I'm completely responding viscerally right now, but I'm not fucking stupid and if that's not what I'm supposed to feel, the editing has been egregious.

Austin, meanwhile, is much calmer than me. He says that he's, well, calm. He's feeling a sense of calm. And, also, maybe I'm overreacting. Mondo feels like he's trying (possibly because he already knows Austin's critique ensures his win) but he tells Austin that he did the work so he shouldn't regret anything. Austin, thankfully, retreats totally into himself and says, to himself (I'm sure of it) that he knows that there are many women who would want to wear all of the clothes that he presented today. Then, with his hands behind his head and a gentle flounce of his hair, our dear Austin Scarlett resigns himself with, "I'm happy." Bless your heart.

On to Mondo. Tommy really loved it. He thinks that it was great that Mondo repeated the Kenleys -- I mean polka dots -- all the way through. Now, I don't mean to make it seem like I'm on some sort of Mondo war path, but... polka dots? After all of the ragging on Kenley? I'm honestly kind flabbergasted. I'm willing to give to you that there is maybe more actual passion in Mondo's designs than Kenley's. Maybe? But that lady had an aggressively assured aesthetic that was hard-earned and she lived it, she wore it and she made it look good. She knew what she was doing. So, sure, she wasn't great with accepting advice. You know, it may be "just" clothes but I think that if you've watched this show for a hot minute you realize that all of these people have artistic temperaments. Sometimes that means surrendering to the process; sometimes it means standing firm in what you already believe. Kenley was the latter. And, she was shrill. So, shoot her, but first look at how awesome her shit actually was. And, really(?) not that different from Mondo. His silhouette might be a bit funkier, but...not necessarily more flattering or salable. Can I, dear reader, just put that in your mind for just a second? Do you remember Mondo taking someone's advice super to heart? I don't. Seriously, if you do, tell me. I'd also like to point out that, in a room of creative people, sometimes the brooder is just as/more disruptive as/than the loud bitch from the tugboat.

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