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Georgina loves that Mondo can take a bunch of fabrics and patterns and create his own textile, essentially making his own polka dots. Tommy thinks it's modern and, even though one of the six looks was completely different than everything else, remarkably consistent. Tommy is ON BOARD. Isaac thinks that his work with fabrics shows a lot of wit. Isaac doesn't seem totally sold and probably it's because that sort of wit is most useful in styling and not necessarily actual design. Ken says that restraint is a great quality for a designer and sometimes Mondo is great with that. At other times, he's not. He mentions the big buttons and cartoonish pockets as examples. Frankly, things that can easily be changed, so don't count our Dark Prince out just yet. Angela, my sister, says that she saw more of Mondo in the challenges than she did tonight. Georgina disagrees. She thinks that they expect a lot from him and he did a great job tonight. Tommy saw him as a true artist. Mondo tells Michael that he felt his critique went very well. Then, he interviews that he doesn't feel like he has to talk about it anymore. He feels like he has shown what he has to offer.

Now we're talking about Michael. Tommy says that it was commercial but cohesive. I'm not sure I understand what they mean by "commercial." Do they mean that it didn't seem like it carried the mark of a designer? I think that's what they must mean. Ken thought that Michael's use of jersey in the face of all of the LACQUERED lace and leatherette and tweed certainly stood out. Isaac doesn't think that it was sophisticated enough. Georgina says that he is a masterful draper and Angela says that he really does make clothes..."Well." I love the way she says this. Tommy thinks his clothes could be sold tomorrow. Backstage, Michael says that he is not nervous, but he is anxious. OK. He interviews that he feels that he showed the judges something that could be sold, which is an important part of fashion success.

Ken says that this choice is among someone who has a ton of ideas (Austin), someone whose collection arose from having no ideas (Mondo) or someone whose idea for their collection almost hampered creativity (the other person). Georgina wonders whose dream they buy, while Angela asks if they're basing their decision on tonight's showing or the performance on the show as a whole. Tommy thinks that Michael was the most cohesive, but Georgina thinks he had no vision and ideas. Backstage, Austin says that he wants the prize, but he's satisfied with what he did. Mondo is the same. The judges have made their decision.

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