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The designers return to the stage. Angela greets them and gives a retread of the season. Angela says that there are no losers on this show. The runners-up will get trips to Paris! I want that! out. She gives him his tix to Paris. He interviews that he feels hurt but he has learned so much from this experience. He leaves the stage. The winner is...Mondo. Meh. He covers his face with his hands. Austin takes a gulp. Angela gives him his tickets and he says that it is a wonderful consolation. He hugs and kisses Mondo. He interviews that this show has been a gift, though he feels like he did everything necessary to win. I think that too. He leaves the stage and there's just Mondo.

Angela comes onto the runway and gives him a hug. He interviews that this show was much harder than his original season. Georgina tells him that he's brilliant and creates beautiful clothes. She's so excited that she has an opportunity to buy his clothes. Ken tells him that he's so excited to introduce him to the Neiman Marcus customer because they are going to love him. Tommy says that he's incredibly talented and he should never give up. Isaac says more of the same. He says that he should enjoy the moment, because it's a long row to hoe. Tell me about it. Mondo promises to do that. Joanna comes onstage and gives him a hug. She's thrilled and can't wait to see him at Marie Claire. I can't wait to see how that relationship works for the magazine.

Now the other designers come onstage. Kenley is on Austin's arm. They all have champagne! Austin is a good sport. Mondo says that he can't take his art for granted. Michael tells him tearfully that he really deserves the win and Mondo says that he loves him. Mondo is very talented and I hope that he really enjoys his prize, though he sucked almost any enjoyment for this show that I've ever had right out of my body. Like, out of my bone marrow. Like bone marrow. Anyway, thanks for reading, folks!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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