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Michael says that Mondo's collection was mondo. Heidi thought he had both loud and quiet pieces. She loved the sweater with the skull on it. Mondo did all of the beading! Nina loved the color and inspiration, but she felt that the show was overwhelming. She loved the first look. Overall, she feels that the collection runs too young. He needs to be more sophisticated, by editing. Jessica loved it and feels that he's an individual. She's obsessed with the polka dot dress and Heidi exclaims that she loved it too! Then, she asks him why he chose it, considering Michael and Nina hated it before. He says that he loves the way the model wore it. Michael loved Mondo's short skirts, because there was a "relief" of skin. Too much pattern all over the body is too much for Michael. He thinks that Mondo should never lose his drama, but it can get a bit costume-y.

Heidi asks Mondo why he should win and he says that he has grown as a designer and a person. Jessica says she might cry. Gretchen says that she too has grown. Also, she feels that she has listened to advice while staying true to herself. Andy says that winning would allow him to start the big job of starting a business.

The designers leave the stage. Backstage, Gretchen says that she's happy for all of them. The judges confer. Jessica loved Andy's silver dress, but felt she didn't see enough of him. Nina thinks he should have done something more "Andy" and Jessica asks if they scared him. Michael didn't like the hats. He says that the execution was great, but it lacked oomph. They agree that Andy is out.

Heidi says that she likes Gretchen's designs and would wear a lot of what she has made. Nina thinks she has a good eye and is on trend. Michael thinks that she stayed true to herself but listened to them. They felt that the shorts were repetitive, but added sex to the show. Heidi wonders if she needed accessories to help her clothes. Nina is insistent that the clothes were current.

Heidi feels that Mondo's clothes have a wow. She loved the balloon dress. Michael loved the tunic dress, but he doesn't know that Mondo knows how to edit. Will his stuff work in real life? Heidi thinks so. Jessica says that he's a showstopper. Heidi reminds them that they praised him for being bold, but Nina says they told him to not make it a circus. Michael thinks he needs more time.

Nina thinks that both of them should be the winners. Jessica asks if Gretchen is going to be ready-to-wear only, but Michael doesn't think that matters. Jessica and Heidi say they would wear more of Mondo's clothes. Nina reminds Heidi (is this getting tense?) that she loved Gretchen's jewelry, but Heidi whines that this is a fashion show, not a jewelry show. Nina brings up again that the clothes are young. She can't figure out Mondo's customer. She would buy Gretchen's clothes as a department store buyer first, but Heidi asks if that's just safe. Nina screams that she would be able to sell those clothes! Heidi still thinks it's a fashion show, but Nina says it was a circus. No, says Heidi -- remove the hats and it's sophisticated. Michael laughs to Nina that they aren't there to restyle his clothes. Heidi's getting pissed. She says that she didn't mean that, she meant that she could incorporate his clothes into her wardrobe. Also, she tells Nina that she could see her in some of Mondo's clothes.

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