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HELLO, Read a Magazine! Fashion's Changing

Nina says that Seth Aaron's collection from last year was the cousin collection to this one. Hmm, well maybe that's your fault? Mondo's is much better in my eyes and, frankly, Mila's from last year is a better cousin to Gretchen's collection. Your mistake, Garcia. Michael thinks they are in a sportswear moment, which helps Gretchen. Heidi says that this is a design show, but Michael thinks there is more design in Gretchen's stuff. Jessica points out that all of Gretchen's clothes are loose though, much like the dress she's wearing. Michael's all HELLOO, read a magazine, fashion's changing. How dare you, Michael Kors, suggest that Jessica Simpson READ? Heidi insists that Mondo's clothes excited her more. Nina and Michael talk more about how Mondo was over the top, but Heidi points out that she and Jessica would actually wear the polka dot dress. "I wanna see you wearing that polka dot dress, Klum," says Nina and I've rarely been so scared in my life. Heidi asks to hand her boxing gloves. They're all split. Michael says that there is nothing similar about them.

Wow, that was big. The designers return to the stage. Heidi commends them for all working so hard. Get to it, Klum Seal. She tells Andy that his collection was beautiful, but not modern enough. She tells him that he's talented and that he's out. He hugs the others and interviews that he has no regrets. His family hugs him as he tells us that he's thankful for this opportunity.

Back onstage, Heidi says that this was the toughest decision in the history of the show. She tells Gretchen that she has her finger on the pulse of fashion. She tells Mondo that he is a master with prints. She says that she has no doubt that they will both be successful. Gretchen is the winner! Tears. She gives Mondo a big long hug, then kicks his ass off. Kidding. Heidi sighs and tells him that he's out then kisses him and tells him that he rocks. He interviews that everything happens for a reason. He remembers that he started the show feeling awkward and this show gifted him with knowledge about himself as a person and an artist. He didn't win the show, but he won so much more. Amazing.

Gretchen is thrilled. She interviews that she needed this so badly. She knows that she and Mondo gave 'em all hell and she feels that she's supposed to be doing what she's doing. She tells Heidi that she feels like 100 grand. Michael tells her that she was true to herself in her collection. Nina has faith that Gretchen can be a star. Jessica tells her that she can't wait to buy Gretchen's clothes and she knows her sister (Ashleeeee) will rock them. "Call me, girl," replies Gretchen. Then, her mommy comes to the runway. She tells Gretchen that she's over the moon. Tim comes out to congratulate her too! Big hug. Then, Gretchen's model comes out. She's a winner too, remember. She's tearful too, which is sweet. Gretchen says she's excited about getting her clothing made. I have complete faith that this girl will get her stuff OUT THERE. Who's going to stand in her way?

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