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At Parson's, on the runway, Heidi and Tim greet all of the eliminated designers! Reunion alert! I love me some reunion. But, look back. They're usually really disappointing, even as much as I try to squeeze some tiny bit of satisfaction out of a dirty look or a semi-Tim smackdown. They just never really hit the spot. Everyone looks kind of fab, though A.J. has morphed from Daniel Vosovic to French Stewart. Or, is that Richard E. Grant? An amalgam.

At first, everyone kind of talks over everyone. They seem, for the most part, to be happy that they are back. Christopher looks a little uncomfortable. Kristin says that returning is bittersweet. I miss her and wish that she had been more useful as a designer. Now, Heidi brings out the finalists. Everyone cheers for them. Andy gets a lot of hugs and there's Kristin hugging Gretchen. The boys club of Cute Michael (I STILL LOVE HIM) and Christopher swarm Mondo. Both Andy and Mondo interview that it's really great to see everyone.

Apparently, this is going to be a retrospective of the finalists' time on the show. Heidi starts with Andy and says that he has had high highs and low lows, but his point-of-view as a designer has always been clear. We see old footage of Andy where he says that he began his career making gowns for beauty pageants. I don't remember that, though now that swimsuit/cover-up that he made makes a lot more sense. But, oh, those pants. The pants with the crotch. And, the words of this season that we should all live by -- "Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe." No, Mr. Tim Gunn, she certainly would not. We see how surprised he was to get bashed for his Jackie pants. Then, we see him fight back with good stuff in the subsequent challenges. Mondo interviews that Andy's execution is superb. Andy interviewed tearfully that all he needs are his dreams.

Everyone claps at the end of the reel and Other Michael hugs Andy. Tim congratulates all of them for making the show so good this season. I guess the personalities have been pretty entertaining this year. Honestly, the clothes have been pretty "take it or leave it" for me, but the people have been fun. Heidi asks everyone how things have been since they were on the show and Peach announces that she now has a huge gay following. I'd sign up. This gets a laugh and applause from everyone. Then, Valerie announces that she got a marriage proposal. Crickets. "Oh, really? Just like that? On the street?" asks Heidi. Yeah, it was some random guy on Facebook. Nice try, Valerie, but if it didn't involve at least a handwritten or cut-out magazine letters pastiche note, it's not officially a creepy proposal. That was a joke that happened to you.

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