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Afterwards, Heidi says she gets asked a lot what the designers were really like this season. Tim says that they had personalities to beat the band, which I'm sure I could understand if I thought about it or googled it hard enough. Then, there's lots of moments of the designers acting like fools. There's April saying that her Jackie O outfit was more "Jackie Yo." Lots of Casanova acting silly. There's Peach saying she wouldn't make her skirt short enough to show the good china. That shit's a keeper. Right? I mean, that's a world class joke. There's Tim and Kristin cracking up over the wooly balls that she was going to put on her look.

After the clip is over, Heidi very solemnly tells the designers that they made the season wonderful by being so real. As a producer of the show, she has to appreciate the drama. Valerie agrees that they all made themselves vulnerable. Tim says that he has never seen so many hothouse flowers. Then, we see a clip of everyone crying about their moms. Other Michael starts tearing up watching it again. Then, we see Gretchen melting down during the last challenge saying that she was sick of the challenges. It's really nice. Even freaking Tim gets misty.

Tim asks the designers who they think will be the winner. Sarah (LOVED Sarah) says that it's a three-way tie. Done. Tim says that he would love that outcome. A.J. adds that something that he's learned from this experience is that he has no idea who will be the winner. That actually doesn't say a lot for the experience, does it? You should be able to know when something's good, right? Everyone agrees with A.J. though. Tim says that he needs to get the designers back to the workroom and it has been wonderful seeing all of the others. Everybody hugs again and Casanova rubs Christopher's head, which I think is sweet.

Commercials. I can't get enough of these ads for Morning Glory. Rachel McAdams is gonna make everything alright.

We return and it's one day before their show. Andy is trying to play with his options. We flash back to Nina and Michael telling him that he's not showing enough range. Gretchen is toying with styling. She interviews that she knows they want more drama and she can do that. Mondo is worried because he has a lot to do.

Tim arrives for a consult. He reminds them that, after the last challenge, they need to remove a look from their collection. He talks to Mondo who is working to not go over the top. He's unsure because they also liked his drama. He doesn't know what to do about the polka dot dress. He made a solid (you wouldn't believe how, after writing about clothes for so long, you can seriously search your mind for whole MINUTES to find the word "solid") black dress to appease Michael Kors's need for boredom. Tim doesn't like it. He doesn't think it's Mondo. He liked the fact that the polka dot dress was a nod to evening, but still "him." He decides to stick with the polka dot, because he feels that evening wear can be interpreted many different ways and he feels that he offers a different flavor. Tim pushes him to not compromise. Gretchen interviews that Mondo's collection is so different that she's unsure if the judges will find it rich or maybe overdone. Mondo interviews that Michael Kors said one should consider each runway show their last runway show. Well, that's what he's doing.

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