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The next girl is in a flowing long dress with an earthy print. It's got asymmetrical shoulders, with a little cut-out on the right one. The model is wearing shades and bright pink lipstick. Smart. This dress could look so twirling-at-Lilith Fair, but avoids that. I'm not really getting a good look at the shoes, but I'm assuming those are jazzed up and not flats or sandals. She'd have to be a fool. She says that she feels proud of what she has done. Tim tells her backstage that she should be proud.

Ooh, here's a look with long wide-legged pants and a high waist, with a top that has short but flowing sleeves, is low cut with a tight waist. Hot bitch! Gretchen's working this out. I'm not wild about the color story for everyone, but on the reddish-haired girls she's using, it looks great. More shorts and flowing dresses follow. This stuff looks good. Here's this sexy little vinyl raincoat that's a little weird, but whatever. I mean, here's the thing, you were expecting this collection. But, she's made it look really expensive and widely relevant. I wasn't sure she could do that.

Here's Andy now and he's emotionally interviewing again that he's glad his mom gets to see him at Fashion Week. JESUS, we get it. I'm sorry, I lost my heart somewhere. He comes onstage and says that he's honored to be a part of the finalists. He tells his mom that his collection is for her. The show begins with this silver jump suit with a chartreuse short-sleeved jacket. Following is a silver pantsuit and another one. Following that is a silver top with chartreuse shorts. OK, the 2-D description that Mondo may have been right, but it's all really lovely stuff. I think he could have styled it a little funkier. Right now, he's shooting for Upper East Side socialites when he should be shooting for Rihanna. Shy Ronnie would have a lot to say about this shit on his girl. Tim tells him that he should feel really proud of himself. Everything is so intricate and delicate. I don't know that the judges will appreciate it entirely. Here's the hairy bathing suit. I don't think Tim had anything to worry about. She's wearing a robe over it. Everything's sort of silver/gray. Really beautiful, but it feels not expensive enough or something. The chartreuse dress is still killer and the best piece in the show. How weird is that? Those little hats all seem a little pretentious right now. Andy comes out and sheds a few tears on the runway. His model holds his back as they walk off.

Mondo is crying too in his introduction. His collection is his dream world. He comes out and says that his show is a tribute to his Mexican heritage and his spiritual guide, his grandmother. His first look is a black and white print jumper with a shear black and white bow-neck blouse. There's a pink belt. Cute as fuck. Next are some gold shorts with a skin-tight top. Blue belt. Here's a blouse with a Day of the Dead skull in sequins and glass on the front. Amazing. There's his eleventh look! Now, there's a black and white plaid strapless dress with a bubble skirt and pockets. Super freaking cute. She's wearing striped stockings and yellow heels. I love the little hats too. More glassy glittery stuff. He's nailed his inspiration, that's for sure. His use of different silhouettes is pretty exciting too. There's that polka dot dress and I think it looks good. You'd have to have a perfect figure, but those are out there somewhere.

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