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Heidi asks who should be at Fashion Week. Michael says Jay. Heidi says Mila. Nina is on the fence. Michael feels like Mila is too retro, while Nina wonders if she can be surprising. Heidi doesn't think being retro is wrong, if there's a twist. She also thinks that Jay had some spot-on pieces. Michael thinks that his dress was perfect. He also loves the shin guards. They all agree that the last jacket was overwrought and wrong. It reminds Michael of a Yiddish word that means "too much." Heidi worries that Jay's work would look over designed, while Mila's look was polished. Michael counters that it's better to start with too much than too little. He begins to make an example of some pants of Jay's, when Heidi stops him and tells him that he's redesigning. He's a designer! That's what he does! That's Michael freaking out, not me. Nina still doesn't know. This is weird. I don't believe her. Michael says that this is tough and adds that this is really about curiosity. Whose work are they most curious to see? This seems to strike a chord with Nina. She knows who she likes, but she's not telling us. They've made their decision.

The designers return to the stage. This is it! Heidi tells both of them that they have done a great job and should be proud of themselves. She says that Mila's work is impeccable, though they worry her line might be too retro. She tells Jay that his work is intriguing but over designed. She says they had to ask themselves who is ready for Fashion Week. Mila is... congratulated! She's in. She thanks them and says it means the world to her. Jay is out. He thanks them for their feedback and Mila hugs him. He interviews that he's numb and shocked. He tells Emilio and Seth Aaron backstage. They hug him and Emilio says, "Don't cry, puppy." Or, papi. I'm not sure. I like puppy better.

The judges give a tip to Mila. Her hair, make-up and styling of her models should be young and modern. She says that she understands. She interviews tearfully that this means the world to her. It means that she's a step closer to her dream. The guys hug her backstage. Tim arrives and says their presentation was fabulous. Jay interviews that his journey on Project Runway has been a validation. Tim sends him to the workroom with a hug and again commends him for a fabulous presentation. He says that there is nothing he should be ashamed of.

As Jay is cleaning his half of a workspace, we see him interview saying that he has proven to the world that he's a talented designer. He is very grateful for this experience. So, that's my other pick of the season and he ALMOST made it to Fashion Week. Well, Fashion Week proper. I'm assuming he had to present his collection as a decoy. In any event, I really enjoyed a lot of the stuff that Jay created, especially at the beginning of the season. I do feel that his stuff became a little overwrought as the competition progressed. And, after the presentation, I do understand how Nina could be more curious about what Mila would do. Almost all of Jay was present on every one of his garments. There is still the feeling that Mila has parts of her remaining to show. I'm sad for the puppy though.

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