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Most of the stuff is what you've come to expect from Seth Aaron. There's a lot of volume and leather and tchotchkes. As he's describing one look, he tells Tim that he likes the idea of a little skin showing but otherwise very covered. That's interesting. We didn't really see any skin at all from Seth Aaron this season. Even his red carpet looks were oddly modest. Tim finds it beautiful. He goes through the rest of the looks that he has made and Tim regards all of it very thoughtfully. Then, he breathes and tells Seth Aaron that he could show the collection as is and it would be successful. It's cohesive and people unfamiliar with him would be impressed. However, he won't win. He tells Seth Aaron that numerous designers have created lovely collections for Bryant Park that still didn't surprise the judges. It was too similar to the work that they created during the challenges.

You know, that's a real conundrum. Because what Tim's saying is true and it's an honest assessment of the theatrical moment that a designer's collection at Fashion Week is supposed to be. The Project Runway arc is supposed to be this culmination of worker bee moments that finally explode into this creative metamorphosis butterfly thing in a Bryant Park tent. That was seriously the most mixed metaphor. But, anyway, it's a bit of theatre and the judges aren't susceptible to the emotion that. In fact, they crave it. That said, how can you be true to yourself as a designer, this show's and ESPECIALLY this season's mantra, and not have all of your stuff bear some similarity to the other things you have created during the season? If it's all completely surprising, you'd have to be a complete schizophrenic in order for it to always be true to you. Which you? Oh, that one. It almost makes the theatricality an inauthentic part of the experience, like a politician needing to be telegenic in order to win an election.

Tim goes further and points out that many looks in his current collection have all of the elements that are considered "classic" Seth Aaron. Nothing is surprising. Tim says that he needs to dig deep and stretch himself. Seth Aaron asks him if he thinks that any of it works and Tim tells him that he would prefer he completely re-conceptualize the collection. Wha? Tim just fell out the crazy tree. That's insane! Between now and Bryant Park, Tim expects most of the current collection to "go away." Lordy.

Seth Aaron is stunned. He interviews that he wasn't expecting to be told to start over. Half of his money is gone and over half of his time is gone. Tim says that he needs to find another level of himself, so that something new and exciting emerges but still identifiably Seth Aaron. That's the conundrum. That's subjective, both sides of the coin. You could argue any combination of yea or nay regarding the new and Seth Aaron parts of that riddle. Tim says that he knows Seth Aaron can do it, which is why he's pushing him. I believe that.

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