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There's an uncomfy silence, then Seth Aaron says that his wife and kids are dying to meet Tim. He laughs and asks if Seth Aaron still wants him to meet them after that difficult talk! Yes, he does. Seth Aaron says that he has been going full steam, but maybe it will benefit him to slow down and think about things and start over. Egads. I can hardly stand starting over a list, much less a fashion collection.

In Seth Aaron's living room, his family has congregated. Tim asks his teenage children, Megan and Aaron, how they feel about what their father is doing. They're excited. Tina, his wife, says that she told the kids they're going to have to go to counseling to know how to deal with all of this. Everyone laughs, but that's probably not a bad idea. Tim is sitting next to Carol, Tim's mother, who is possessed of a red vest and a kicky little white asymmetrical hairdo. Granny look good.

Tim asks Tina how she and Seth Aaron met and she says that he was the boy next door. We see old shots of them at their wedding and pics of them when they were younger. Is Seth Aaron a natural blonde? I think I may like that better than his current look. It makes the normal lines on his face from being a grown-up and being a lean dude look harsher than they need to look. That's all. Seth Aaron interviews that being away from his family has been hard, but he has been doing this for them, in order to give them a better life.

Now, the family plays a friendly game of Pictionary. Megan's at the easel. Tim guesses frantically and, at one point, throws out "fallopian tubes." Oh, Tim. Yes, 14-year old Megan was drawing fallopian tubes. Wrong. It was a stethoscope. Then, Seth Aaron says that he has something special for Tim. Cut to, Tim, Aaron and Seth Aaron mounting a trampoline in his backyard. "Papa Gunn's on the tramp!" exclaims Seth Aaron. Then, he and Aaron each hold one of Tim's hands and jump on the trampoline until Tim collapses under his previously undiagnosed glass ankles. Or, one of the squirrels attacks him. I'm frankly too busy laughing and crying to really figure it out. Tim Gunn just got tramped! The only thing better would have been if he'd just been bounced off the thing all together. Not that I wish any ill on Tim Gunn, but GOD HELP ME, I love it when people fall. It's a genetic thing. My mom and dad almost got divorced at the beginning of their marriage because she couldn't stop laughing whenever he hurt himself. We're nice people and not proud of this trait. Seriously, my mother fell down a flight of stairs twice in one day and I was HYSTERICAL. I'm practically weeping right now just thinking about it. It's a huge character flaw and it provides me with more joy than just about anything in this life. I realize that there is a show you're waiting to read about, but I just lost myself. OK, I'm under control. I need a safe word for that sort of stuff. I'm going to use "mango." Seth Aaron says that it was wonderful to have Tim spend time with his family. Before leaving, Tim tells Seth Aaron to think and reflect and work slowly.

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