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Next, Tim is in New York to visit Emilio. They are walking in some park in Manhattan underneath some bridge. Emilio says that he's excited for Tim to meet his brothers because his family is the most important thing in his life. In the park, Tim meets Nicholas and Filipe. He asks them how they feel about Emilio and they say they are proud. "How proud?" pushes Emilio. He's such a charmer. "Very proud," they answer happily. One of the brothers says that Emilio is the hardest worker he knows. Emilio adds that they got their work ethic from their parents, then he interviews that his father came from the Dominican Republic with only one relative in New York. I guess that answers my question about where Emilio is from. It's funny, he doesn't really have any accent -- it's just his conjugation and stuff that reveals that maybe English wasn't his first language. Language is fascinating. Emilio tells Tim that his father worked as a janitor and his mother worked in a factory for thirty years so that he and his brothers could have a better future. We see some super cute photos of the boys when they were little. One of the brothers tells Tim that growing up in the South Bronx during the '70s and '80s was not easy. God, I bet not. We see some footage of the South Bronx during the '70s accompanied by period music. Emilio interviews that his upbringing was very urban and low-income. He saw beauty in the graffiti and was present for the birth of hip-hop.

At Emilio's place, he shows Tim his collection. He says that he was really inspired by color and Tim says he can see that, though it doesn't really seem like a compliment. There's a lot of color up in there. Then, Tim clarifies and says that it's refreshing. Emilio nervously laughs and says that, for Fall looks, other designers usually use a lot of black and gray, but he's thinking... turquoise. OK. Tell me more. Tim asks if his entire collection is a nod to the '40s and Emilio gives a non-committal affirmative, but adds that the color really takes it "to the next level." Whatever that truly means. He says that he created a print and shows Tim this very vibrant swatch of fabric. He tells Tim that it's a camouflage of his name.

Emilio says that, for the first time, he believes that Tim is speechless. That won't last forever. He shows something that he calls "spray paint brocade." It's a jacket with a lot of detail and Tim says that the details get lost in the fabric. Emilio, never one to absorb a critique, says that he's designing clothes for his clients, not for the cameras. So, Tim reminds him that the judges will experience his collection by seeing the clothes pass them on a runway. Emilio's rebuttal is that he made a strong showing during the competition ('Indeed you did!" responds Tim) and he thinks the judges know him. Tim insists that he can't go into Fashion Week thinking that will carry him through. This is getting tense. Mango. Emilio counters that he isn't going to not include a detail on a jacket that he wants because of fear of the judges. Tim breaks it down: his point is that Emilio doesn't have a lot of time left and he's not sure that spray paint brocade is worth Emilio's time, but he tells him to do whatever he wants to do.

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