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Emilio interviews that he's designing a collection for women and "as far as he knows," Tim doesn't wear women's clothing. I find that comment offensive on several levels. First of all, I doubt very seriously that Tim looks at clothing as if he were a woman. Secondly, Emilio? Not a woman. There are a few other levels too, I think, but maybe I'm just being too sensitive. Mango. Tim doesn't have a safe word. He tells Emilio that he sees a lack of sophistication in his work and clothes that look old. Emilio interviews that his collection isn't going to have Tim Gunn's name on it. He tells Tim that he sees the big picture in his head and Tim leaves it at that. Emilio concludes that he is confident that his collection is going to knock the socks off of everyone. Then, he and Tim half-jokingly end their consultation with Emilio kicking him out of his apartment and telling him that he'll see him at Bryant Park.

Moving on! Tim goes to Los Angeles now to check on Mila's progress. It's three weeks until Fashion Week. He knocks on her door and Mila seems thrilled to see him. She interviews that she's very excited to show Tim her work. She adds that she's not currently focusing on the three looks that she's showing the judges for her final challenge. She's going to build all of her looks as a cohesive collection and pull the three looks from that. Inside her apartment, she introduces Tim to her Dalmatian, Ziggy. Black and white. That's crazy. She tells Tim that shadows have been an inspiration for her collection. Tim asks if she's sticking to black and white in her collection. She says that there will be black and white (he interrupts her to say, "Of course there will be!" and laughs and laughs) but she will also be introducing aubergine. Tim says, just to be clear, that it's a black and white collection with spots of color. But, he thinks it's her.

She interviews that she knows she's taking a risk by not using much color, but she's committed to it. She shows Tim a coat that he thinks is beautiful. There's one look that she says she's having a problem with and she thinks it's maybe too conservative. Tim says that he's feeling that way about a lot of her collection. He even finds it a little matronly. Ziggy's ears perk up at that. She interviews that no way is her stuff matronly. Tim points out how chic and fabulous Mila is. Her collection needs to exude the same feeling. She interviews that her work is not as crazy as a lot of the designers' work in the competition, but she's ready to defend her choices.

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