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Tim asks her about competing against Jay on the day she gets back to New York. She tells him that her current mindset is that she is going to Bryant Park. She interviews that she doesn't want to lose to that little bleep. I'm not sure what curse she used. A little shit? I think so. She adds that she thinks she's the better designer and also that he's really annoying. Why can't we have reunion shows anymore? I'd really love some background on their hatred for each other. [We're getting one during that Models of the Runway mess this week. Let the sparks fly! -- Angel] She says that he just can't win. Or she'll die or something, not that there's no chance that he'll win.

Next, Mila introduces Tim to her parents, Dell and Carol, and her boyfriend, Matthew. She interviews that the support that her parents and boyfriend give her makes her feel very special. Tim looks around at all of the black and white everywhere and asks her parents if Mila was always... like this. Her mother said there were signs early on and her father says that she was always dressed to the nines. We see pics of Mila growing up and she was quite stylish. Her dad says that she went through a Goth stage as well, where there was no white only black. We see an accompanying photo that is very Siouxsie & the Banshees slash Tama Janowitz. Her mother concludes that she always thought that Mila needed to be a designer. Mila says that, even though she has been working in costuming for TV and film, she never gave up this dream. Matthew says that seeing the sparkle in her eyes from getting to be creative has been wonderful. I love Matthew. I love him. Mango. Mila interviews that she has one shot and it's do or die. God, Mila, it's not really that severe. Tim wishes her luck and is on his way.

Finally, Tim goes to the land of street harmonica players (and hacky sack), San Francisco, to check on Jay. Tim is greeted by a fleece and scarf-bound Jay with a big hug. Jay tells Tim that his collection is inspired by the texture, colors and volume of the Japanese samurai. He likes things sticking out everywhere. He interviews that he likes the juxtaposition of the samurai and the geisha. He likes to mix the hard with the soft. Tim has questions about one piece with a really voluminous collar. He feels that it pulls the eye away from the skirt, which he (and Jay) finds to be the most compelling part of the look. He introduces a dramatic piece of outerwear and states that he was looking to create... a dramatic piece of outerwear. Tim asks him where the person wearing that coat would be going? Jay laughs and says that he doesn't know. Tim says that his dramatic statement should be transferable to the red carpet. Heidi should be able to look at it and say, "I wanna wear that to the Oscars." Does Heidi get invited to the Oscars?

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