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Jay shows him this very interesting kimono jacket. Tim loves the bodice and the wrap. However, the sleeves are these basket weave sort of armor looking things. Tim feels that it's gimmicky and screams student work. Jay interviews that he wanted to vomit when Tim said that last part. He doesn't want his collection to look like he was pushing the drama too hard. Tim reminds him that he and Mila are going up against each other. He says that he's not worrying about that part, because he has the ball on his side. His metaphor. Jay interviews with a laugh that he doesn't have to worry about Mila. Pride cometh before a Nina Garcia critique, my friend. He adds that he already knows that he's going to beat her.

He shows Tim a complicated vest contraption that Tim loves, but... what do you wear it with? Overall, Tim says that there is a lot of beautiful elements in his collection, but they same to just get a little bit... cuckoo. Jay corrects him, "It's Cuckoo Chanel, girl." Shut the fuck up. That was the most amazing line of the season. Tim agrees and laughs heartily.

Touchy feely time. Tim goes to Jay's place to meet his parents and partner, Rolondo. Speaking of, whatever happened to Rolonda Watts? I'm dating myself right now. IMDB tells me that she has been working steadily in soaps. Good for her. And, thanks to Jay's life for reminding me of that fine journalistic talent. In other news, what are we going to do when Oprah goes off the air? Exactly how am I supposed to live my best life without her?

Anyway, Jay's mom is cooking and the kitchen is the most beautiful vibrant blue. Tim meets Jay's dad and aunt and they all sit down to eat. Jay says that these people are all very supportive of him. His father doesn't know anything about Fashion Week but is still very proud of him. Jay's mom announces that she can sew dresses and pants -- and taught Jay's dad how to do it as well! Jay says that, when he was growing up in the Philippines, his parents had to work very hard so that he could pursue his dreams. It makes him feel guilty. His mother leads a toast saying that Jay's perseverance and talent and courage have made him an amazing fashion designer and she will pray for him to do well. Oh, that's really sweet. Jay tearfully interviews that winning Project Runway would allow him to pay his parents back for all of their hard work. His aunt says that if Jay can dream it, he can do it. And, they all toast!

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