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Oh, game on, it's Fashion Week in New York City. Mila arrives at the Westin and says that it feels amazing to be back in New York. She says that her adrenaline is going because she wants to show her whole collection, not just three pieces. Here's a thing: won't the drama for whoever wins the Mila/Jay showdown be lost on the judges since they will have already seen a chunk of their collection? It's already apparently impossible for them to put aside that any of the work is similar to earlier work of a designer. There will be no surprise! She's the first to arrive in the suite and says she has never stayed anywhere like this. "This is what it must be like at the top!" I don't want to be rude, but... that's not the top. The Westin is not the top. Sorry, Westin.

Jay is the next to arrive. He's happy to be back, but is thinking about his showdown with Mila. He's confident that he's more relevant than Mila. When he enters the suite, it's weird. Mila interviews that she can feel the awkwardness, especially when it's revealed that they'll be roommates. Jay just responds in an interview with a gaping mouth.

Jay tells Mila it's weird talking to her, because they never really talked before. Mila says that she knows she can be a little hard, but that was the byproduct of the stress of the competition. She rightly points out that everyone handles pressure differently. Jay says that it's nice to see this side of her, which I find to be a touch condescending. She says that she's not such a bad guy and he responds by saying that the conversation feels really intense to him. She says it's nice though and he reluctantly agrees. He interviews that he needs to get over their "drama" (seriously, this constitutes drama? Santino Rice is coughing up sequins and control-top panty hose right now) in order to concentrate on the competition.

Seth Aaron arrives and is excited to show his collection. He listened to Tim's advice and thinks that he will offer a lot of surprises. Emilio arrives and the other three are hiding behind a sofa and jump out to scare him. It doesn't really work. So, Emilio is a complete cipher. He interviews that his consultation with Tim encouraged him to make sure his collection is very young. What Tim sees here will not be what he saw earlier. So he was listening? Gah, this guy confuses me. I think maybe I read him incorrectly or something. Emilio thinks that Seth Aaron looks thinner and appears to take it as a personal affront.

Tim arrives and greets everyone. Jay, smart to get more mileage out his little chestnut, says, "Cuckoo Chanel is back!" Tim says that he's thrilled to be with them. They're in the Presidential Suite. The next morning, they will be in the workroom. The pop some bubbly and have a toast. "May the best designer win," proposes Tim. Mila interviews that she is so close to her dream.

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