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Tim leads them to a place where Nina Garcia is standing. I wonder if that's how she does all of her work. She just stands in one place while a procession of sweaty, nervous assistants runs work past her. Nina greets them and reminds them that, not only does Marie Claire present the best in fashion, they also show a lot of celebrities wearing pretty clothes. So, with that in mind, she wants the designers to create a fashion-forward editorial look for a celebrity piece that is going to be in the magazine. The winning look will be worn by the "beautiful and talented" Jordana Brewster. One of those things does not belong. She is pretty. Talented? In what field? Have you seen Dallas? She makes Priscilla Presley look like Kate Nelligan in Prince of Tides. I guess, in order for that to work, you need to know that I'm a huge fan of Kate Nelligan in Prince of Tides. Let it be known. I really love that movie. I don't even mind the fact that Barbra Streisand's nails have like third billing in a film with a cast featuring at least four Oscar nominees. Daniel says that he is excited because Jordana Brewster is a really "cool" actress. Now, I hate to call bullshit on the man, and he is from Texas so maybe he has seen her on TV, but I just don't believe that he knew who she was when Nina first started talking. Stanley drops two of Jordana's credits Fast and the Furious and Dallas and I just really don't believe that he has seen either one. Why am I qualifying Jordana Brewster's fame so rigorously? I'm sure she's lovely. Didn't she go to Princeton or something? It doesn't matter. Live your life, Jordana.

Nina gives a few guidelines for the challenge. It's supposed to be an editorial so that means no red carpet looks, no gowns and no t-shirts and pants. But, seriously, who would make a t-shirt and pants? Nina says that the look needs to have a boldness in its color, print, silhouette, etc. Bold everywhere, because that is what an editor will want to photograph. Tim sums it up by saying they should be designing what is next and not what is right now. Patricia says that she wants to win this very badly. Tim says that they will have one day for the challenge, a $250 budget and thirty minutes to sketch. Nina stresses that they should do their best work. She doesn't want them to disappoint her or embarrass her.

The designers sketch inside of the building. Layana is inspired by the geometric shapes of the building. They head over to Mood and everyone scampers around unfettered by team crap. Daniel decides to create a jacket and shorts in a sunflower-colored fabric. Michelle, naturally, decides to make fun of him in an interview about how she's sure he'll make some sort of jacket. She also chooses to crack on Stanley and says that he'll make something that some other designer made in the '50s. Is that the way we feel about Stanley? I feel like there are a lot of classic elements to his designs, but I would never peg him as committed to the '50s aesthetic. Of course, Michelle seems more interested in hearing her own fucking mouth run than making a salient point, so it's no surprise that she doesn't make any sense. She tells us that her plan is to make some pleated linen pants and a bitchin' t-shirt. Now, didn't Nina just say that she shouldn't make pants and a t-shirt? I'm sure she did. She actually did. Michelle says that she would want to wear this if she were dressing for the summer. That's perfect. She just explained it. She doesn't listen to anyone and does exactly what she wants. Sure, like she said, it has worked for her so far. But, settle in dear readers, we're about to see it bite her in the ass. Patricia is feeling pressure to prove herself. Michelle says- Wait. Why do we have to hear her opinion on everything? Is she just the one most eager to talk? Is she really the most eloquent? I'm not interested in her point-of-view about the world anymore. Anyway, she says that Patricia's look will look like crap until the last minute, at which point she will pull it together. At least she is being a little more generous to her.

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