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Back at the workroom, Tim says it's time to meet the sewing helpers. And, just as you guessed, the last five eliminated designers walk into the workroom. Michelle says that Amanda is the only person she would want to work with and she really doesn't want to work with that Richard. Layana, Daniel and Patricia also say that they don't want to work with Richard. Stanley gets to choose first because he was the winner of the last challenge and he chooses Tu. Michelle is surprised because she thought everything Tu made was crappy. Stanley interviews that Tu was the best sewer of the bunch and that's just not true. He said himself that he wasn't a great sewer. But, Stanley has a jacket in the works and thinks that Tu will be great for that. Then, Tim pulls out the button bag and Michelle kvetches. She thinks that she is going to be chosen last. Alas, he chooses her first and she chooses Amanda. She is very happy. Daniel is chosen next and picks Samantha. Patricia is sweating because she's too tired to work with Richard again, but it looks like she's going to have to suck it up. Layana picks Kate and Patricia and Richard are working again. Michelle says that she feels sorry for both of them because neither of them had a good time working together.

Tim tells the designers that it is up to them to distribute the work inside of their team. He adds that it is a chance for Richard and Patricia to heal. That's hopeful. I like that idea. They get to work and the designers describe their ideas to their helpers. Patricia is really devastated to be working with Richard again. I feel bad for him, but I get her pain. She thought she was going to have some support and it's not really like that. From the get-go, you can tell that Richard is going to need a lot of hand holding to really be able to help. Nobody has time for that. Richard says that being Patricia's assistant is like salt on the wound of his elimination. Layana is thrilled to have Kate around, because it's someone else to do all of the work for her. Tu is freaking out about working with Stanley because he is so rigid and precise. Daniel is also happy to be working with Samantha.

Layana's design is very complicated and requires pulling metal rings apart. She says that it hurts her hands, but she's going to push through the pain. Patricia isn't sure how much she should trust Richard with and it's sad to watch. Stanley is embarrassing Tu with his bossiness. Kate, who despite her young age seems to have a solid idea of what she expects from the people around her, says that Stanley should be thankful that Tu is there to help him. I agree. Kate may actually just be defensive because of her young age, but I actually agree with her, especially the part that time when she said that Layana and Michelle were bitches. Michelle says to Amanda and Kate that she feels like the relationships aren't very warm here. Kate agrees and says that it seems like everybody is at the cracking point. In the break room, we see Richard sitting and telling Samantha that he is waiting for Patricia to direct him, because he doesn't want to get blamed for something going wrong. Kate tells Patricia that she hopes that she makes it to Fashion Week.

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