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Tim calls the designers down. Michelle says that Stanley's outfit is old-fashioned (it isn't) and ugly (she should talk). Whatever. Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She introduces Zac, Nina and Jordana Brewster. Do you realize that they have made SIX of those race car movies? Is Paul Walker still alive? I figured he would be a paid escort in Lake Tahoe by now.

The show begins with Michelle's look. She made, essentially, some green harem pants and a white top. She did create a black bandeau top to go under her t-shirt. She thinks it's the raddest and she is determined to bring back peg-legged pants now. Daniel's look is next. It's a yellow short and jacket. Michelle and Layana actually fucking groan when it's on the runway, which is just rude. The truth is, it's a BOLD color. As I recall, you dimwits, that was a major part of the guidelines. And yellow looks good on olive complexions, which Jordana possesses. There is no way they are going to bash him for a bold color when Nina went on like she did. Also, the sleeves are certainly editorial. They're weird. Daniel is excited though. Stanley's look is next. It's these beautiful white culottes and a fitted brown leather jacket. The model looks fantastic in it. Patricia's look is next. It is a blue one-shouldered dress with some leather Native American medallion things all over it. It's pretty lame. Layana's look is next. The top is blue leather shapes connected by metal rings over a white skirt. It fits beautifully considering how precise it needed to be.

Afterwards, the models return to the stage. Nina tells Patricia that there is always something surprising about her work, but her dress is like a tent. Jordana has a rocking bod, so the dress wouldn't work for her. Zac thinks there was not enough movement. Heidi thinks that it looks unfinished. Patricia reveals that she had to work with Richard and teach him things, which I think garners her a little sympathy. They love Stanley's look. Nina thinks it's smart to make separates. She loves the culottes. Heidi commends Stanley on his management skills. Jordana loves it and is grateful that he didn't make palazzo pants. Daniel says that, per instruction, he went bold. Heidi has Victoria's Secret flashbacks. Jordana loves the color and the back of the jacket. Nina believes that it is definitely editorial, however, she feels that it's a little Easter. Zac agrees with Jordana about the back of the jacket. Layana explains that she was trying to mix hard and soft in her look. Zac tells her that he is really proud of her. Jordana likes the color. Nina thinks that it's amazing. Heidi feels that it would photograph well.

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