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Fit For A Queen

Backstage, Keith tells one of the models that she's gorgeous. Either that, or he was looking in a mirror.

Heidi tells the people onstage that they are the best and the worst. She announces that only one person will be eliminated. All of the models return to the stage.

Tara likes the way Uli's dress flows. Vera finds it to be modern and enjoys the layering of color, which Tara echoes. She's just hoping to score a free wedding gown one day. Bonnie says that she liked working with Uli.

Next, they talk about Team Jolene's effort. Tara loves the neckline. It reminds her of the dress she wore for Miss USA. Kayne of Many Colors explains that he chose a color he thought would complement her, which Nina finds "amazing." I'm kind of missing Michael Kors right now. You forget how he raises the pitch of these proceedings until he's not here.

Moving on to Malan and Katie. Vera says that the detailing on the bodice is "a lot for one dress." Heidi doesn't know what it is, but feels that something is wrong. She's a medium for dresses. They pick apart the hem and the fucked-up bust. Heidi asks Katie who she thinks should go home from their team and she says Malan, because she doesn't want to go home for a design that wasn't hers. They ask the same question of Malan, and he says that he should go home as well.

Vincent and Angela... first off, what the hell is Angela wearing? A red trapeze artist's skirt with a blazer, and a belt around her arm. She's a carnie smack addict. Nina asks how well they worked together. Vincent says that he did a lot of work and had to correct Angela's mistakes. That's odd, because we didn't see Angela do anything at all with the dress. She repeats for the judges that she made a dress like this one when she was in college and she thought it was too simple. Nina says that she likes the back, and she gets agreement from Tara. Vera kills the lovefest by reminding everyone that sleeves are totally fucked up. "Hard to wear" is how she prefers to say it. Tara says they are a little "space cadet." Stop trying to make me like it. Vera says that the idea is sophisticated and its minimalism is interesting. Angela, who should be shutting up about now, says that she didn't feel the design was inspiring or "designer-y." I'm surprised Angela was able to pull herself away from the Genius Club long enough to make an appearance here. I say we send her back. Miss USA smacks her down and says that it seems like Angela tried to lead instead of letting Vincent do so.

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