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Fit For A Queen

Vincent bellyaches some more about how hard it was working with Angela and says, "It was the nightmare of my life." That gets a chuckle from Uli at the end of the runway. Both Angela and Vincent think that the other person should go home.

The judges deliberate. Aside from the sleeves, it sounds like Tara is kind of into Vincent's gown. You see, I never really got past those sleeves. All of them seem kind of disgusted at Angela's bad sportsmanship. Meanwhile, we see shots of her chewing her face backstage. She's got to stop that. They all like Uli's dress, though I must point out that Tara actually seemed more enthusiastic about Vincent's gown. Tara liked Kayne of Many Colors's gown, too. Heidi said that if you saw her walk onstage in that you'd be like, "Whoa!"

Nobody likes Malan's gown. Tara said that when their model walked out, she didn't even see her because the dress was so fussy. Nina was so bothered by the unfinished bottom of the dress that they cut from her quickly so she could take some meds. Garcia does not like a ragged bottom.

The designers return to the runway. I really hate what Angela is wearing. Commercials. 57% of voters are on Vincent's side. That you could be as obnoxious as either one of them has been and split the vote like that is proof of how overwhelmingly annoying both of them are.

We're back. Robert is in. Bonnie is in. Tara announces the winner. It's Kayne of Many Colors! Tara says that she loves the gown and she's going to work it. I love her. Kayne of Many Colors is immune for the next channel. He interviews that this is going to mean a lot for his career. That is really awesome. He just left Norman, Oklahoma -- now he's dressing Miss USA.

Uli is in. Katie is in. She hugs Malan as she leaves. He kind of reassuringly pats her on the pack. ... D'oh! Vincent is in! You're shitting me?! He doesn't look back to Angela, which I really wanted him to do.

Heidi tells Malan that he failed on everything from color choice to execution in this challenge. She tells Angela that she failed her teammate. Damn Angela doesn't look fazed. Angela is in, "but just barely." Aw crap.

This is sad. Malan immediately starts to tear up. Heidi kisses him, and he goes backstage where we see him avoiding everyone because he's crying. He interviews that he "felt so ashamed." As he's hugging everyone, we hear him in voice-over say that he doesn't like to say goodbye to people. He felt like he was a part of something special on the show and he's very sad that it's over. Well, I never expected Malan's exit to be so sad! Poor guy. His mom's a total bitch. Gimme her number, Malan.

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